Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bike Friendly

It Certainly Was!
What an awesome ride last night! I'd never even heard of the Car's Well h20fall, even though I spent quite a bit of time on base in the early 80's.  Pebbles was actually born there.  Anyway, it was a great ride - soon to become a favorite with me - and it was not crowded like the rides on the trail are in the other direction.  And as an added bonus, I got to meet the adorable Angela Pea (in her incredibly cute pink helmet) and her two sons - who seem to be made of unbounded energy.

I also met another woman in the parking lot - Diane - and she lamented about it being hard to get to know new people to bike with - I intended to introduce her to the people whom I knew, but I could never find myself in the same place at the same time with her again.  She rabbited out at the start, but her car was still in the parking lot when I left.  I wish I had gotten her contact info.  But that in itself is sometimes awkward.  I'll do better next time.

As a matter of fact, I met a lot of new folks last night and had dinner with several of them.  We headed into the designated dinner spot, only to find there was a 45 minute wait.  As it happened, Marti and I had met up with some friends of hers, one of whom happens to be the manager of another long-time Fort Worth Mexican food restaurant, so we headed to Northside.  It had been years since I'd been to ERG and their chicken tortilla soup may be the best in town.  Yummy!  Plus, there was this guy.  Not that he is interested in me - that's not the point - the point is that I had my interest piqued.  See, one of the lies that I tell myself is that "no one else will ever have the right combination of "hillbilly and culture"."  My country/simple folk background is a part of who I am - and that's not all of who I am - but having that shared experience and appreciation is important to me.  And so at dinner last night, when the talk turned to cattle and horses, ages and being single, well, I was curious.  Whether he was or not, is not the point.  It's all a matter of changing my perspective to one of plenty.  All in all, a really great night.  

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Bike Friendly.



  1. I like that - a cultured hillbilly. I am always interested in those who can enjoy a swanky drink at the hip place, but also enjoy a good dive bar. Glad that ride was fun for you!

  2. Me? Adorable? Now THAT'S funny!

    It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday, and put a voice and face to the words. We had to head up the big hill and back to my office in lieu of lights on our bikes to get back after dark and there was still homework to be finished.

    According to DirtBike's odometer, we rode 18 miles yesterday.


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