Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clipless In Cowtown

Tuesday was a much better day.  I took my daily reading to heart when it spoke of "easy does it" - so that became my motto for the day.  And I mostly behaved.  I'm working on shrinking down what I think I'm responsible for at the office.  I've been taking on stuff that doesn't belong to me - and I just get very frustrated trying to deal with it. It finally dawned on me that the outcomes are a coworkers, not mine and I'm tired of the fallout that comes from it.  Rather than constantly correct the mistakes that her staff make, I'm just going to pass them on to her.  I'm tired of being the hatchet-man.  She gets to play Pollyanna while I have done the dirty work.  No more.  I've written her a suite of reports that will point out the errors her staff is making.  It's up to her to use them or not.

As for the other issue, I made a choice not to discuss it further with my boss until sometime next week.  Time and distance will do me good.

Came home from work and decided to crawl back on the horse that throwed me.  Except she was head-bobbing lame when I took her out of the barn!  Inez was not in road-ready shape.  Actually tore her up a bit on Monday during our fall-fest and had to go to the LBS to get her a chiropractic adjustment - the seat had ended up pointing north north east, the back break on the left side was sticking and her levers were askew.  I was a little embarrassed but everyone at the LBS was very encouraging - but all of them learned to ride clipless at a very young age!  

Anyway, after that rode for an hour or so with no further incidents.  Clipped in and out effortlessly about a bazillion times - but the problem isn't in the doing, it's in the remembering!  

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Get Adjusted.


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  1. Yeah!!! For the clip safe ride, that is. Double Yeah for your perspective at work.


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