Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Skeeter Bait

My Nemesis
I am fully made of whatever it is that mosquitoes love most.  In a group of people, I will be the first one targeted.  And last evening, mosquito season began in Texas.  I was outside working in the yard and I just eat flat up.
Bites too numerous to even count.  My bites have bites.  And of course I welt up like crazy.  So I guess it's time to break out the chemicals and get to dousin' myself with it.  And no, SSS does not work for me.  Got a whole big ass bottle of that greasy stuff that I can't figure out another use for.  I don't like using it in the bathtub because it leaves a horrid ring.  And who needs that?

I did get a couple hours of yard work done but I am still behind.  I just have to let go of the idea that I can keep this place up like Prior Owner did.  She was retired.  Plus, she had her house on the market and was trying to sell it - she was extra motivated.

I am paying this year for my lack of pruning at appropriate times last year.  That, plus no real winter to speak of has left things growing out of control.  But if I get after it now, I will lose summer blooms.  So, I'll just be more diligent and when whatever's out there finishes blooming, then it gets cut back.  Speaking of cut back, I have several stands of asters that bloom in a gorgeous blue in the fall.  I do know that I need to keep them cut back but oh my goodness, I didn't know I would need to be cutting them back every.week.  I guess I wasn't nearly aggressive enough with the snips.

Planning on another ride with the municipal leader tomorrow night.  Her cousin called me today to see if I was going - plus we are all going out to dinner after the ride.  I need to remember to pack dinner money!

On Friday evening, Pebbles is coming over and we heading out west of town to a new restaurant for my sister's birthday.  I just saw Peppered Chicken and Dumplings on the menu.  I don't know that I can resist.  I haven't had dumplings in forever.

Pebbles is bringing her bike with her and we are going to ride on Saturday morning, then do a dry decorating run for the party.  For some reason, that's important to here.  It's not that she wants to spend this much time with me, but I offer a convenient excuse to get her out of a couple of gatherings that she doesn't want to go to.  I'll take it any way I can get it.

After that, the next level of my workshop begins.  I'm sort of on the fence, but I think I'll go ahead and sign up again.  I get a lot out of these exercises, so I just need to go on.  I'll be unable to continue soon enough.  Okay, well.  I've talked myself into it.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Be Somebody's Dumpling!



  1. I hear you about the Skeeters. We were doing trail maintenance Saturday at the east side park and I swear those little creatures were out hunting in packs. And they were BIG, too!

    Sons and I will be at the ride tonight. I'll look for you! Me? Can't be 8 ball helmet. Hanging with two handsome teens, one on a bright yellow road bike.

  2. Detest the little buggers! That's what's nice about bike riding - they can't keep up!

    Can't imagine your trimming & clipping challenges. We have to do it 2 or 3 times a year and we only have 6 months of real growing season. And no skeeters, yet. Perennials I tend to let go (except for mums & asters) and spend more time on the shrubs. The spousal unit is in charge of annuals. It's nice to be able to divide the labor a little.


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