Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There is Good News and There Is Bad News That's Sort of Good, In A Way

So it's not cancer.  It is, however, Hashimoto's.  Which makes the long list of symptoms I went to my doctor with back in November make absolute and complete sense.  Textbook case - except that I'm subclinical - meaning the FNA showed the attacking cells, but the previous thyroid workups say I'm "normal".  And they have for years.

However, because I lived low carb and thus, gluten free, for a long long time, I think I kept the worst of it at bay - just skirting around it- and my panels would all show in the normal range - but once I got into overload or the scales tipped in some way, I wasn't as diligent about avoiding carbs/gluten, began craving sweets, etc.  -  I got out of balance and I was down for the count.  The last six months have been a real slog for me and I'd attributed it to:  age, menopause, the breakup, early onset dementia, being batshit crazy - and all of those certainly may have added to the stress, etc.  The Perfect Storm of indistinguishable, vague symptoms.  Except when I read the symptoms, it's been there laying in wait for a long time - iron deficiency, restless leg syndrome, genetic history of autoimmune disorders, brain fog, Vitamin D deficiency, depression, low norm temperature, low blood pressure, low heart rate, dry skin, brittle hair, losing my eyebrows from the outside in, cold all the damn time, constipation, night sweats, heart palpitations, bladder issues, unexplained spike in cholesterol levels, beginnings of "lion" face, hypoglycemic symptoms, "the stupids", rapid growth of the thyroid nodules and a partridge in a pear tree.

More lab work done today to do a finer detail of thyroid panel - but the endocrinologist says that we will just "wait this out" - and I'm not so sure that I'm willing to go that route.  We'll see.

It's not the end of the world - lots of people have this.  I just need to decide what to do to help manage it.  I don't think I want to wait around for my own body to kill off my thyroid - although with the rate things are progressing, it might not be that long.  I've been reading up, and of course, in overwhelmed and information overload.  It's time to hit the hay.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Be Your Own Advocate.



  1. HUGS.
    and now Im off to google and read more too.




  2. Wow, I hope we'll "wait this out" isn't the only solution. If it is the only solution I am wishing you peace and patience.

  3. 6 years of thyroid disease and I can tell you the ONLY way to be is to be your own advocate!

    Just be careful with Dr. Google - you really can make yourself bat shit crazy with that.

  4. Just wait it out? Just WAIT IT OUT?? That's the point where I would have smacked the Doctor upside the head. And then blame my behavior on batshit crazy.

    So. I guess it's time to educate and make a plan. And you're absolutely right: it's a better diagnoses than cancer. I'm rooting for you, Ms. Stone.

  5. Well, at least you have an answer and now know that you aren't batshit crazy! I think a consultation with a different endo is in order...easy for someone to say "wait it out" when THEY aren't the one having to do the waiting!!!

  6. Glad it's not cancer. I never heard of Hashimoto's... but after a quick read on Google... yikes lady! At least you now know and can hopefully take measures to keep it managed. You are an amazing woman with drive, I have no doubt you'll make a plan that works for you and your body.

    Sending you a hug!

  7. Glad the bad news is kinda good...and I SO hear you in terms of being your own advocate. I know something is going on with me and so I've asked both my naturopath and my hormone guy (who also is a thyroid expert) to do some blood work (for Lyme, thyroid and other things) and some saliva work (for detailed hormone update). Being "out of balance" can wreak havoc and make us hungry for foods that we know aren't good for us...that is always a sign for me. It used to be that I thought, "oh you're just a lazy slob who can't control herself." Now I know better....I know you'll keep us posted. Here's to self-advocacy!

  8. Wait it out? I've had a Hashimoto's for almost fifteen years and take my meds dutifully and go for my bloodwork every four months. I can tell when my meds may need a tweek -- feel really sad -- and a tiny change makes a big difference. I remember right before being diagnosed I told my doctor I was having memory problems -- at 46. His response was I was getting older. My memory is just fine, but my thyroid wasn't working right. The depression I'd struggled with for years (decades) has lifted to a great degree as my thyroid function improved and stabilized. Hope all good things for you!

    1. Buttercup, thank you for sharing your experience with this. Seriously, the issues I brought up with my doc are absolutely the list of symptoms - and I've said "My Mom has low thyroid, are we sure this isn't a thyroid issue?" And the response would be that everything was "normal".

      I'm going to give the endo doctor time to get the results from the blood work I had done on Tuesday - and if he doesn't call me in to go over the results instead of waiting SIX.MONTHS for another appointment, then I'll find a doctor who will agree to more actively manage this with me.

      In many ways, it's a relief to get a dx. I feel like that woman who had her tombstone engraved with "I told you I was sick". There is some validation in finally.FINALLY getting a dx that explains all of the issues and symptoms and syndromes I've had for, like you, decades.

  9. Isn't it amazing how much that little ol butterfly-shaped organ impacts in our body? Are you already taking thyroid medication? Good luck to you as you continue to sort this out.


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