Monday, April 9, 2012


Spent the night Friday with the kids so that we could get up early for the Tour.  It was a scramble out the door, followed by the discovery of a flat tire on Slater's bike - so I got to witness first hand the changing of a tire.  He got that done post-haste and we headed off for the train station.  I was probably as excited about this as I was about anything - taking Inez on the train!  It was so cool - the train was chock full of cyclists heading into downtown for the race.  Pebbles took care of all the logistics, so I was just along for the ride.

The weather was perfect - and the people were jovial - all except my darling daughter - who I am discovering - is daunted by crowds.  I had flashbacks to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul - with her weaving her way through the crowd as quickly as possible - looking for an exit - and looking at nothing.  So that part was not as I expected, as I had to treat the thing like it was a Nascar race in order not to lose her in the crowd.  And riding in that much traffic (other riders) was a challenge.  Sailing through traffic lights and stop signs with no vehicular traffic to contend with was wonderful.  Great support on the ride.

Our plan all along had been to do the 30 - which took us within a couple of miles of their house - and then ditch the rest of the ride and just go home.  And that's what we did - about mile 17, I was cramping up like crazy, both calves and my neck - so I called "calf rope" and we headed out for breakfast tacos!  All in all, we got in a bit over 25 miles.  I'll know what to expect next time.

After that, we went to a bicycle maintenance clinic at ARE EEE EYE - which was quite good.  I think I can change a tire when the time comes :-).  My plan was to head home after the clinic and drop Inez off at the LBS for her tune up and for a fit adjustment.  I don't know that she causes my neck pain, but I think the fit does make it worse.  And given the traffic I had been riding in, I had no opportunity to really ride more upright to stretch out - I had to keep my hand on the brakes at all times - so I rode pretty "out there".  But we decided to go for Thai food instead!  So I missed the bike shop.

Rest of the weekend was non-descript.  I got the silver stuff from the other place and spent quite a bit of time polishing silver.  Oh, and speaking of posh - the housekeeping help?  Spectacular.  She did so many nice things - it was wonderful to come home and find the floors done, the bathroom done, everything dusted, front and back porches swept, front walk and sidewalk.  Best money I ever spent.  And if I wasn't polishing silver, I was sleeping.  I pretty much napped off and on all day yesterday, which is unheard of for me.  And I slept last night.  I guess I must have really needed it.

This week has some challenges - first up this morning - appointment with the endocrinologist.  Thyroid scans came back questionable.  Then, internal auditors at work - plus some serious employee drama going on - thankfully, not my direct employee - but today promises to be fraught.  My hope is to be where my butt is and in the moment and not spinning off into something else.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Take time to enjoy where you are.




  1. Sounds like a wonderful bike ride - I can relate to "the people were jovial - except my daughter..." for different reasons. It's amazing how our spawns can fire unexpected salvos into our emotional landscapes!

    You probably recall I went through a lot of thyroid drama in 2009 - 3 biopsies 3 months apart - before I was finally deemed okay. I have a "cluster" of nodules, so have to get checked up yearly. Have a good week, R.

    1. Thanks, Leslie. I don't know that she really realizes that she has some crowd anxiety. I'll ask her about it at some point. And it wasn't as though she was hateful - she just kept trying to maneuver us out of the crowd - and that was impossible to do.

      Yep, I have had the same cluster for years - but after being dormant for 25 years - apparently they have started to grow.

  2. Hope things turn out ok for your thyroid.

    The bike ride, with not having to stop for signals or deal with vehicles, sounds awesome. And I love that you guys made it work for you by stopping at the house!

  3. I think that bike ride sounds fun. I'm going to go on the Pedaler's Jamboree ride over Memorial Day weekend. We ride 30 miles on the Katy Trail to Boonville, MO, camp overnight, and ride back to Columbia the next day. It is lots of fun with bands every 10 miles or so. I can totally relate to your daughter. The first time I did an organized ride I kept trying to get ahead of everyone to be out of the crowd. It took me a while to realize, hey, THIS IS THE RIDE. I don't know if I have crowd anxiety or if I'm just not used to riding with a bunch of people and it freaked me out. I've only had a couple of crashes (minor) and it usually happens when I am riding with others just because I'm not used to it.

    Hope you get good health news this week!

  4. Wow, the ride sounds like it was intense! Great job on the miles! I'm impressed.

    Living where your butt is... again I love your writing :) Living in the moment is good.

  5. I love the way you turn a phrase.
    Id say it makes ME wanna bike ride---but Id be lying :)
    Id rather read about it.



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