Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Focus Pocus


So far, what has been the primary focus


your year - 2012?

I love shifting to a new page on the calendar - it feels like a fresh start, the opportunity for a "do over".  April brought some new challenges, but also a renewed focus on what I choose to eat - not from a weight perspective, although that will be a benefit, but from a health focus - how to best manage Hashi's in the present while I determine what I want to do about my future treatment and management of self-same.  I've kicked wheat to the curb and am feeling better because of it.  I don't know that it has any effect on the thyroid, but I do feel better. 

I'd also lost my focus on finding and savoring joy in each and every day.  In the recent past, I'd found myself smiling much less frequently than I was, say, this time last year.  It's time to refocus on looking for all the goodness that is around me - and get the hell out of my own head. 

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Focus.



  1. Good question - for me, it has to be getting back to running, no doubt...which is so much more than just the act of running.

    Good that you are re-evaluating part-way through the year on this rather than on December 31 - adjustments made will carry you through with your goals! Hmmm, that kinda sounded like it should be inside a fortune cookie, lol!

  2. I seriously can't look at that photo or feel like I'm going to fall over!!

    Re-focus... I had one of those weeks last week, where it was just one thing after another. I'd fall down, and then get right back up and try really hard to turn the day around right then and there. I use to have a tendency to wait until the next day to start over. Last week I wasn't always successful in turning the day aroudn mid way through, but I tried. :) I would love to be 145.5 lbs again... I need to re-focus and find motivation within, soon.

  3. My focus has been "practice" with sub-words for each month (as given to me by a friend). My sub-word for May is "attention."


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