Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Leg Up On The Day

It's no big secret that I've not been feeling up to par - physically, mentally, health-wise, financially, spiritually - you name it.  It's not horrible or anything - I'm just not at my best.  So I sat myself down and asked myself "What things do I do when I am feeling my best?  What gives me the best chance of being my best self?"  I know the answer.  I know that I function best if I get my exercise first thing in the morning.  More often than not, it serves to carry me nicely throughout the day.  Starts my day off with some endorphins for breakfast.  What amazes me is how often I've been letting that truth slip by unacted upon.  So this morning, I was up early - killing time (wtf!) and just decided to go back to doing what I know is the next right thing for me - get my butt out of the chair and out of the house.  Spin classes are over for the time being, but the gym still opens at 6am.  So this morning, as a gift to myself, a leg up on the day, I headed out to the car.  And then I took a detour - rather than drive to the gym, I just walked down the street, in the still-dark morning, to the track at the local school.  How long had it been since I was down there?  I cannot even remember - but it felt really good to be there this morning, in walking meditation, awaiting the sunrise.

I hadn't been there very long until the neighborhood started arriving in solo walkers, folks with their dog and a bootcamp of 20-something grunting guys.  I spent about an hour just out walking, thinking, and enjoying the morning.  As I was leaving, a young man came with a bird dog.  This dog was something - the track/park area is lined with trees - and earlier I'd marveled at how many birds there were in these trees, squirrels, too, I imagine - and when this pointer was unleashed - she made this big, fast sweeping loop, going from tree to tree to see what was there.  So much fun.  So much joy.

It wasn't about the calorie burn - it was, however, about setting the mood and the tone for the day.  I've given myself a good start - a leg up on the day.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Get your best start.



  1. Thanks for the reminder Roxie!

  2. You've described perfectly why I choose to do my exercise first thing in the morning. Even if I did not work, I would choose to do that. It sets my whole being up to have a better day!

  3. I love when I am up and out the door before the sunrises. Good for you. I love the meditation that goes along with the walk

  4. How fun to see the tribe of early morning exercisers arrive - and I love that you remembered how much you like to start your day off with a workout! Glad you are back on track (pun intended, haha) with that.

    Also? There is just something glorious about watching a dog run and play and just be in the moment. What a treat!

  5. What a great way to start the day! I did the same thing this morning, my husband was up CRAZY early because he couldn't sleep. Therefore, the dogs and I were also done sleeping. So instead of getting upset, the dogs and I headed out for a morning walk. It was beautiful! I love watching the bird dogs.

  6. Sounds like a great morning. Hey, I'm not sure where you live in Texas, but I was reading another blog of a cyclisst in Texas and I found it interesting. Is this "your mayor"? If so.... way to go, Fort Worth! http://jimsbikeblog.wordpress.com/

    1. Yep, Kim, that's The Honorable. She's pretty darned awesome!Thanks for the link to the other blog - I'll start following it - looks interesting.....


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