Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Red Pencil

Editing The Garden
I feel like I am finally making progress in restoring the gardens to their former goodness.  The secret?  Editing.  Culling The Herd.  Yanking stuff out by the roots in amazing quantities.  Pruning with abandon with the knowledge  hope that it will grow back next year.

Last evening was a particularly satisfying red pencil session.  I began with "tidying up" a shrub that was going wild, which started to bring the whole picture into focus.  I realized that the stonecrop had run rampant over the last year and so I began transplanting it down to the bottom of the slope.  Well, I got tired going up and down the stairs and so I just started tossing the stuff, willy-nilly on the empty space down the slope.  What grows will grow - what doesn't?  Well, there's plenty more to take it's place.

I also discovered that the self-seeding 4 o'clocks are too prolific and block the view of some of the other, more interesting plants, so out by the roots they came.  I left only a few for accent.  In thinking back, there were only about six of them in the front last year.  It was also time to bushwhack all the plants that were encroaching on the pathway - I've got a beautiful stone step path through the garden, but it had all but become invisible - so I re-blazed that trail last night, as well.

The garden's are not back to their prior glory, but I am discovering some of Prior Owner's secrets.  She was a ruthless bitch of an editor.

Tonight I'm participating in this and hope to get in a little pre-ride before hand, schedule permitting.  Tomorrow, I'm having dinner with Valerie and a former co-worker of ours from 30 plus years ago that she dug up on FB.  Should be interesting!  It will be interesting to see how Justine has changed.  Friday evening, I'm going with a emprov friend to see a comedy show - so I'm looking forward to that.  I don't have anything planned for the weekend - but I am hoping to get in a long(ish) ride on Saturday.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Less is more.



  1. I'm glad that you have your garden. I think it is a good outlet for your editing skills. ;)

  2. I trim over a foot off of some of my shrubs - sometimes twice a year. We really have only a 7 month growing season. I can not imagine what your longer growing season would require for pruning - but it looks like you're learning first hand!

  3. I have wisteria on my patio cover. He requires ruthless handling at all times. Unless you know a plant is a rare heirloom sprouted from the very last viable seed on the face of the earth - chop away. It will grow back.

    We really wanted to ride tonight, but I needed to channel my Nazi Captain Mom and say no, because both boys (and their older sister!) have finals this week and studying is in order. Pffft!

  4. Out, darn weeds!
    Sounds like you are in for some fun....getting together with lost-lost people!


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