Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tan Lines

I'm a little curvier
So I wakes up early on Monday morning and decide to go on the Memorial Day ride with my local bike club.  After all, there is a 29 mile route available and I just rocked the hell out of a 22 in the mountains.  I sent out a couple of emails, asking for joiners, but got no reply, so I'm off on my own.  This is my first "real" club ride - the others being beginner or casual rides.  This is a cue sheet ride - never done one of those.

Anyway, there are about 6 people who had RSVP'd on the club website and I get out to the neighboring county and there are about 40 people there, but I can't seem to connect up with anyone who is just doing the 29.  The first folks that I hear of doing the 29 decide "if I can do 29, I can do 44" and so they opt out.  Right before we take off, a women, whom I later come to know as Cindy, walks up and introduces herself, asks me if I am doing the 29 and we pronounce ourselves riding buddies.  I think that Inez gives people the wrong impression - a good impression, as she does garner comments about what a nice/cute/sexy bike she is.  But Cindy had assessed our compatibility very well - we were nicely matched and rode together the whole way.

Since I was in "flat" Texas, I didn't give the hills a second thought - Texas is flat, right?  I mean everywhere I've ever ridden was essentially flat.  But not this route - OMG, I thought I was going to die - it felt like we were climbing up steep-ass hills all the time - the downhills were great, but the ups just left me depleted.

Saturday's 22 miles, at the end,  left me invigorated, assuring Talia that we could, with pacing and rest, double our mileage.  Monday's 30 miler left me almost crawling to the car and I spent the rest of the day, well, spent.  I was totally depleted and was not productive the rest of the day!

I did, however, drag me and Valerie to see MIBIII, which was surprisingly good and poignant!  Who expected that?  I'm up early this morning for my first Zumba class.  Looking at the clock, I've got to run.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Don't tan like I'm tan.



  1. ROFLOL on that biker's tan drawing!!! Runners get a similar weird tan - most notably, the sock line/white feet.

    Good on ya for getting out for that bike ride! Glad you ended up with a riding partner. I wonder if the ride was also challenging (besides the hills, ugh) because you'd ridden a tough course on Saturday? Maybe your body was more tired than you realized? Any case, great job!!!

  2. This one made me laugh all the way through it. Sounds like that ride was the equivalent of a really long run... don't really benefit from the calorie burn because all I do afterwards is lay around LOLOL!

    Hope Zumba is fun!

  3. The photo made me laugh!!! It reminds me of the days I played softball just about 5 days a week... a similar tan, but we called it a softball tan. LOL

    Sounds like you are kicking butt lady on your rides!

    I love going to the movies, I'm getting a little better at going by myself if nobody else is available. That's HUGE for me!


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