Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The Tao Of Improv
Can I just say how much I loved that speech?  Trust me when I say that I've heard a metric ton of them and that one is the best ever - the perfect speech for those women going out into the world.

Oh, to have learned those lessons earlier in life!  On Monday, a young woman, steeped in drama and some tragedy, wandered into a meeting.  As it turned out, there were only three of us "old timers" women in the group.  I'm the one with the most time in, coming up on four years.  We are all a skosh over 50 in bellybutton years.  And we urged this newcomer to fix this now.  Don't wait until we did to address the issues that plagued us.  I do love what Jane said about accepting and embracing whatever life has thrown my way.  The good, the bad and The Demon, as she said.  It's the struggle against something that causes the most pain.  If I can accept AND address, then I can move forward.  Great, great philosophy.

Got up this morning and was faced with a choice - I had no choice in that I was going to exercise - I did have a choice in what and where.  So armed with my inspiration from earlier in the week, I chose the "more people" option and headed for the gym.  Classes haven't started yet, so I just hit the treadmill and watched some HGTV.  I can't say it was the most interactive experience I've ever had, but I smiled and spoke to all I saw.  There are worse ways to start the day.

Tonight, it's have glue gun, will travel:  The GNO Edition.  One of our group (one of the youngsters) is getting remarried in June and we are gathering together to work on her reception table decorations.  Should be fun!  She asked me if I thought it was tacky to invite people to help and I told her that most would be thrilled to offer an assist, if given wine and direction :-).  So that's on tap for tonight.  My stated goal is to spend more time creating and far less time eating and imbibing.  When they say that alcohol takes away one's inhibitions, for me, that means takes away my brakes and I end up eating far too much.  So, one glass of wine - which in my case will be what I am bringing to share.  A friend brought me chocolate wine as a hostess gift and another friend brought me maraschinos soaked in moonshine, so last night, I went out and brought chocolate cordial cups and whipping cream in a can and I'm making chocolate wine shots, topped with whipping cream, with a kicky cherry on top.  It's what's for dessert.

Tomorrow night, it's another gathering of the old work girls.  We've tracked down another of the old crew, but I don't know if she will be joining us.  It's another evening on the patio at Central Market.  I need to limit myself to some soup and salmon, and leave Grandma's chocolate cake alone.  I need to make it an early evening anyway, as I need to be rested for the OK ride.

The last two paragraphs were written to make me aware of what's ahead of me - I'm five pounds up from where I'd like to be and I can't seem to crawl under 144.5 these days.  And if I don't watch myself, with two nights of back-to-back outings, I can easily undo any progress that I've made.  So it's just a statement of intention.

ETA:  I love my city and the progress made in making this a bike-friendly community.  I'm getting a bike lane by my house!  Woo Hoo!  The city just released the new plans.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Say YES AND.



  1. Roxie, thank you so much for the link to that speech. I agree, it was absolutely wonderful. I spent so many of my younger years angry and resentful because everything wasn't 'just right'. I truly wish I had learned to say "Yes, and?" thirty years ago! Mercifully, with the guidance of wiser women than me, I came around in time to make sure my own daughters (and sons!) are much more optimistic and embracing a joyful life.

    Have fun with the chocolate shots! Sounds interesting. The entire Pea Family will be out tonight riding with Her Honor. Should be loads of excitement, or at the very least, loads of cardio!

    Have a fantastic day today.

    1. I am so jealous, Angela. Tonight should be an awesome night. I'd love to ride AND see a Cats game. I must confess that I've never attended and soon it will be too late.

      Have fun!

  2. How awesome for the new bike lane! Love that your town is so active...and having a biking mayor certainly helps!

  3. A biking mayor?!
    now I wanna be the weighttraining misfit mayor of austin.

  4. Yes And is kind of like Both/And :-) When you understand the distinction all of a sudden you just want to go out and do everything! Sometimes I think we probably were told all of this when we were younger, but we just couldn't get it at the time.


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