Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zoom, Zoom, Zumba 

For Ellen
Turns out, Zumba was fantabulous!  Great workout and I can't wait until next week.  Those salsa lessons did pay off, as some of the footwork was familiar to me.  Plus, my admin showed up and so we could laugh about our exploits for the rest of the day.  Today is another spin class with the female instructor from this spring.  Should be good.  Oh, and I introduced myself to a woman in Zumba - and turned out, she's probably the richest woman in town - I just about died when she said her name!  She was very nice.  It was her convertible Jag parked by MalibuKen.  I hope he didn't feel intimidated :-)

Tonight is another ride with The Honorable - and I've signed up for the local bike club annual ride and picnic on Saturday.  And I'm starting to second-guess myself.  Cindy, from last week, will be there (she said) but she will probably ride a longer distance with her husband - so I'm now left to find someone of my speed to ride with - I don't think that riding around the countryside, alone, dazed and confused with a cue sheet in my hand (reminder - go to LBS and get a cue clip-on thingy) sounds like fun.  Ah, Roxie - don't let this get in your head.  It will be okay.  This ride is in my "home" county and I know the area.  I can ride as long as I want to and then I can return.  It will be okay.

Tomorrow night, Pebbles, Slater and TGB (oh my clean house) are coming over to spend the night.  Pebbles is having a medical procedure early Friday morning and her doc is here, so while Slater works from my home, I'll accompany her to and from the docs and depending upon how much care she requires or doesn't require, I'll either stay here with her/them, or go to work myself in the afternoon.  The good news is that it means dinner Thursday night at my favorite Japanese place in town.

I'm still working hard at the gardening thing - last night I laid down some organic fertilizer (alfalfa pellets) with the hopes that it will help.  I'm going to be performing a test tonight on the St Augustine to determine if it's a bug issue (I don't think it is) or a fungal issue.

Gotta run - spin class awaits.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Every Day Matters.



  1. Zumba! I'm dying to get into a class but they all conflict with my MT right now. But soon, very soon.

    Do go on the ride without second guessing. It will be fabulous in the end. You worrying about getting lost reminds of me of the local running club around here. They do a winter running series and at the end of the series, in April, they have a big picnic and an award actually is given to the person who got lost the worst lol! Some of the best local runners have received it. So no worries, just enjoy!

  2. I understand your nerves, but the ride is going to be fun, and you always seem to find another biking match when you get there...GO! Have fun! :)

    and enjoy the process and fun of saturday---focus on that.


  4. I just did Zumba last night. I hadn't done it in months because of injury. I could tell. But I remembered a lot of the moves and was proud of myself.

    Who's the rich lady? you are--your life seems full.

  5. Oh I love Zumba! Such a fun way to workout

  6. Glad you loved Zumba. I still haven't gained enough courage to try that one. I have two left feet, I swear.
    I hope that Pebbles' procedure goes well and that she's back up on her feet in no time.
    ...and YOU, Ms. Social Butterfly - keep fluttering those wings of yours. You're sending the message of courage across the country to Indiana. You really are making every day count. I love that.


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