Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Affirmative Action

Not my kind of affirmations
Last night, I went to a meeting where the topic was affirmations.  I bought the piece of literature that was being used - a small booklet of affirmations.  I've grown to use and like affirmations over the course of the years - not because I believe they (it?) has any "magic" power, but because they affirm a view that I want to have - a lens through which I see the world.  It's a way to re-program that tape of negativity that used to be on constant playback in my head.

For me, affirmations are the action step for the belief that what I focus on grows - in any area of my life - physical, spiritual, financial, whatever.  Affirmations (or at least the kind I use) help to keep me centered and in-the-moment, which if I can be where my butt is, things are just so much better.  I have a choice as to how I see things.  So from time to time, I'll share an affirmation from the booklet - a statement affirming how I choose to see the world, my circumstances, myself - just for today.

Today's affirmation from the booklet is:  Being myself is glorious.  I  thought of Miz and her tagline (affirmation?) of being "unapoligetically myself".  There is such freedom in learning to be/choosing to be who I am wherever I am.  Not to go into people-pleasing mode at the drop of a hat.  Just to be who I am, as authentically as possible, as much as I am able.  It's just easier that way.

On tap for today, more Zumba, followed by an at-home wait for the AC repairman to come and finish the work from the weekend.  While waiting, I will attempt to put together the reel/push mower I bought yesterday. Or perhaps it might be better to mix up an organic solution for my plant problem (I think it's scale) in my new sprayer.  That might be the best/less frustrating option, at least for today.  I can leave the construction for later.

Sending love and good thoughts to Ellen today.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Be an friend to yourself.



  1. Although I remember making fun of the Stuart Smally character *way back when*, there is a lot of good in positive affirmations, and I like yours for today.

    Good luck with the mower assembly - you can do it! Or choose to have someone else do it...entirely up to *you*! :)

  2. You are so right and almost every time I find myself really frustrated in a relationship I realize it's because I am NOT being me.

    You are wonder woman and can assemble anything, I have no doubt!

  3. Being myself is GLORIOUS!!! I just had to repeat it! Thank you for reminding me why affirmations are key.

  4. I'd love to know how you like using your reel/pushmower once you've put it together. There is no doubt that our next home will have a small yard and i'am considering one. Hubby thinks i'm crazy not to have a motor but i like the idea of not putting more pollution in the enviroment and if its just a small yard i don't see why it wouldn't work. Hubby thinks they are REALLY heavy but i don't think the newer ones are so bad. Thanks Roxie!

    1. Deb, the kids have one that I've tested out and I really liked it - I believe it is Fiskars brand (yep, the scissor people). It is around 200 bucks, but it's pretty lightweight.

      My lawn isn't as big as theirs (plus I am cheap and was using a gift card), so I don't know how it will work It's a Troybilt - but I don't think that means what it used to....

      They like theirs too because they can get up and get outside on a Saturday or Sunday morning at 6:30 am and not have the rest of the neighborhood show up with torches and pitchforks!

  5. Ooooh! I'd love to have a push mower!! It makes no sense for an acre, though. Then again, it would keep The Architect and DirtBike busy for quite a while every weekend, wouldn't it? *insert wicked laugh here*

    Yes, the boys and I (maybe even Mr. Pea and the oldest daughter) plan to be out tomorrow night with Her Municipality.

  6. ahhhh I used to love me some stuart smalley and STILL THINK OF HIM when I work the positive thoughts/affirmations.


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