Thursday, June 14, 2012

All Good Things

Just a random list of good things that happened yesterday alone:

  • my local bike shop DIDN'T make me feel like an idiot for having trouble with my flat tires
  • I was in the bike shop when they gave away a used, but refurbished bike, to a man who I can only assume was in some sort of halfway house for what appeared to be a serious and long-term addiction of some sort - I knew I liked those folks there
  • I almost talked myself out of going on The Honorable's ride as I didn't "like" the route - but I stuck with my "always choose more people option" and went anyway - hell, as it turns out, I'd never even been anywhere close to there and it was an awesome ride
  • a new, more social and less "lycra, components and mileage" bike group is being formed - YAY!
  • I got a good report from my dentist along with a recommendation NOT to have the additional surgery that the perio was recommending - it had always felt unnecessary to me
  • Had a wonderful surprise phone chat with my dear friend Meg.  I know I jabbered her ear off - sorry, Meg!
  • This month's electric bill - $20.90.  How much do I love this little energy efficient place?  
  • Had a conversation with an acquaintance and a stranger and I was able to practice "being interested and not interesting" - it's a skill I am working on - thanks to emprov - listening and asking questions - and thanks to that strategy, I learned some new and interesting information
  • Last but not least, I am glad that the kids didn't suffer any (too much) damage from last evening's hail storm

I'm through exercising until Saturday's rally - the two-a-day yesterday was the last big hurrah - tapering - no - stopping - until Saturday morning's ride.  Turns out Marty will be there as well, so that will make us a trio. I still need to do some prep work before Friday afternoon - get my car cleaned out, as I am driving.  I need to hit the store for some nutrition to take with in case the rest stops are all bare by the time us slow-pokes move through.  I need to get maps, etc printed out and pack my overnight bag - including my swimmy suit!  Hotel with a pool - bonus!  Plus I need to look for a restaurant for Friday dinner.....along with the other stuff that needs to happen around here - I'll be whipping and spurring to get things done - as soon as it gets light this morning, I'm out to mow the yard.  Great thing about a reel mower - it's completely quiet - if I can see, I can mow and not disturb the neighbors.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  It's a good thing.



  1. What a great post to read - love it when so many good things are happening!

  2. Love this list. Happy for you!

  3. I too, loved this post. It really an art to really listen to people. I read the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. One of the habits is "seek first to understand then to be understood." One of the most important people skills I employ. I'm not perfect, but I do work at it.

    Thanks for making me smile this morning :)

  4. I had lots of "wow's" as I was reading your blog post - but I think the biggest was with the $20.90 electric bill.

  5. I love days that just seem to fall right into place. And how great of you to recognize all of the goodness around you. Yay for less surgery!! Woo-Hoo!!
    I bet you are getting super excited about your trip. Let the countdown commence!

  6. I love happy lists! :)

    Sorry I've been a way for a while my friend.

    I grew up using the reel movers... it was one of my chores. Great workout!


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