Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Are We There Yet?

Ha Long Bay, VN
I guess I should have said that the trip isn't until October, so it will be a while before pictures and the travelblog appear :-)  Traveling with my SIL will ensure plenty of pictures.

Work has been busy - staying on program and on course.

I've got a payride coming up on Saturday that I am kind of dreading - the more I hear about it....sigh.  Oh well - Even if the ride isn't the most fun ever, it will be new scenery and I'll get to spend time with Talia.  It's all good.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Revel in the wonders of the world.

ETA:  Pebbles and Slater went through one helluva hail storm this evening.  The worst she said she had ever seen. She said every hailstone was at least golf ball sized or bigger.   She had just come home from work, so the cars were under cover.  No windows were broken out of their house and she thinks the roof is just fine.  I think she's sorely mistaken.  I told her to have the inspectors out anyway... 



  1. LOL...I thought you were leaving, like, next week!

    How was Her Honerable's ride tonight? Pea Family didn't make it...there was Spanish homework and driver's education that needed to happen. And we did an 18 mile mountain bike ride last night. Great fun! :)

    Even if the pay ride isn't so grand, the company will be marvelous! Enjoy!

  2. How exciting you are going to Vietnam! Is that correct? I CAN'T WAIT FOR PICTURES! ;0)


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