Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weight Up, AC Down

Weight is back in scary range again.  Usually, I can guess within a couple of pounds what the scale will say.  I was off by four pounds this morning, and not in that good way.  So for the first time in a long time, I'm back on an actual "program" - a prescribed method of eating (my usual) with the goal of losing ten pounds.

Speaking of weight - we are packing for Vietnam in backpacks :-)  It will be ultra-light travel, as we will be moving from place to place quite often.  It is too hard to backtrack to the hotel as we need to leave town, so when we leave a town, everything we are traveling with will be on our backs.  This should be an adventure.  The good news is having laundry done is cheap and available.  I got my gear together last night, just to see what it would be like - and I took a picture - but my damned POS phone won't upload anything.  I don't know what is wrong - phone calls don't come through, texts take 27 hours to arrive, I drop calls all over the place.

Two weeks worth of clothes
Sorry for that rant - the list is:
in addition to what I will wear on the trip over -
one pair of drawstring linen pants (bought them at Goodwill last night:)
cotton pegged pants
2 quick drying/wicking strappy T's with built in bra
2 100% cotton tunic/overshirts
1 strapless dress that can double as a long skirt
1 pair running shorts with built in drawers -as shorts, bedclothes,swim bottoms
1 pair footie socks (probably only worn on the plane, as my feet get cold)
1 pashmina - which is blanket, pillow, sleep mask, temple covering, sarong, skirt, dress, tote basket.
2 pair Patagonia panties

all fits neatly into a casual backpack.  Other supplies we will share between us or buy there.  We'll see if I can stick to this :-)

Got home last night to find the AC had gone kersplat again.  So, called the repair people back and hung out all day awaiting their arrival.  They got here at 4:15, finally, but I am now cool.  Hopefully, that's the last I will see of them :-)  Thank goodness for that home warranty - it's so worth the piece of mind to just know who to call.

I did spend some time in the garden this morning, doing more cleanup work.  A little trimming here and there - it's starting to come together again.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Lighten up.



  1. Oy on the A/C. I hope for your sake it is fixed for good, too!

    On the cell phone - do you by chance have Sprint? The tower in Houston was down for nearly 4 days last week while they messed up an upgrade...wonder if they're now upgrading your area? Just a thought.

    1. My service is, in fact, with Sprint. I'm getting domestic roaming messages!

    2. Yep, sounds like what we dealt with. Hopefully you have phone service now?

  2. What is the draw of going to Vietnam for you? I'm just saying its not something that would be on my list of places to go.......Hugs! deb

    1. It is a bit "off the beaten path" isn't it? I'll do a post soon about how this all came about. Have a great week!

  3. I'm interested to hear how your lightweight travel goes. A few years ago a friend and I went to Romania and took a ridiculous amount of luggage. If I had it to do over I would just take a backpack. On and off buses with the full size suitcase was a pain. Have great travels!!!

    1. If you believe the ultra-light packers, this should work like a dream. As Pebbles says, "We'll all look pretty ugly in our vacation pictures". And I responded to her with "If we are wearing a smile on our faces, then we will look beautiful".

      For the vast majority of this trip (if not all) anything we need will be available for purchase - and probably cheaper than here. We are also toying with taking only "throw away" clothes - I've done that one a long weekend trip to NYC - took/wore stuff that was old/worn out/unsuitable for donating (it was winter and I was always wearing a good "outer layer" - and just threw it away. I used the empty space in the backpack to bring home stuff I bought. My traveling companions laughed, but hey, I wasn't packing around a bunch of crap and my load got lighter, not heavier :-)

  4. you and I would travel well together.
    light and locations :-)

  5. I love Vietnamese food. Not that you want to hear that with your prescribed program and all. But I do. I'd love to go there just for the authentic food. That's quite the pack job you're doing there - good idea buying stuff from Goodwill!

  6. I love your travel philosophy. This trip sounds awesome. I need to know all your tips. My son is probably going to be living in China for a year and I will visit him. How cool is that?! Anyway, I want to learn to travel light ;)

  7. Oh, your spirit! I LOVE the idea of seeing you backpacking your way through Vietnam. How incredibly cool. I had just begun reading your blog around the time you went to Turkey and soaked in the photos you brought back. Cannot wait to hear of this adventure. Good for you!!


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