Monday, July 16, 2012

Eat A Lot Of Peaches

This weekend was fully made of awesome (well, actually peaches and pickle juice).  Talia and her husband pulled out all the stops to treat The Family Stone to some fine hospitality.  No one does haute country cuisine quite like Talia - she does a cornbread version of panzanella that will make you want to HURT someone it is so good.  There were so many highlights to our visit to Parker county, I can't even recount them all.  Fine food, fine friends  - with four of my favorite people in the entire world, all together in one wad.

Talia and Noah really live a lifestyle depicted in the Prine song.  Their small home out in the wilds of Parker county was hand-built by Noah (with a little help from Bick with the roof trusses) about 13 years ago.  He does most of the design and landscaping work and Talia has picked out the yard art.  They are both fabulous at up-cycling things.  It is a place with both energy and restorative qualities - it really is amazing - and my city-loving daughter and her city-slicker husband were ready to move right in.

The next morning, The Family Stone did breakfast - granola, berries, Greek Yogurt, and juice.  Noah made us all coffee in his vintage pot.  I'd never even seen anything like it, but it makes some fine, fine coffee.  Normally, he roasts his own beans, but conceded to Slater's coffee preferences. 

Then it was off the the rally.  Oh My Gee - was it fabulous.  First of all, no wind.  Let me say it again - NO WIND!  The ride was well supported, beautiful, just the right amount of challenging and everyone seemed to having a marvelous time.  I met up again with the darling Angela Pea  and her youngest boy and met the girl Pods - a beautiful family.  Angela and I rode together a bit and chatted and our groups stayed pretty close together the whole trip - I think we were all at the Elvis (final) rest stop at the same time.  And it was at this stop that I discovered my LOVE for cold pickle juice!  Who would have ever guessed?  When one is hot and tired and sweaty, cold pickle juice will perk you right up!  Or perhaps it was the Elvis (impersonator) sighting - anyway, it was a great, great ride.  Oh, and we saw what I believe to be a Cobra car club roll through while we were at stop one!  Very, very cool.  We finished up the rally, to be met by Noah at the car with peach ice cream (the signature dish of this whole shindig).  He handed us each a bowl of the (frozen) nectar of the gods and we went in search of some shade.  Awesome ending to a great ride.

We went back to Utopia to get cleaned up, and then The Family Stone headed back into town to take in the festival.  We've been blessed with unseasonably nice weather - I've been out there when it was an absolute beating from the heat - but it was nice and a bit of a breeze had developed by that time.  Pebbles secured her desired peach cobbler, we walked around a bit and were on our way.  As fine a few hours as I've ever spent.  I am so fortunate.

Got up Sunday and rode a solo 30+ miles and came home and did some yard work and puttered around the house.  We were blessed with our second rain in the last week and I am so grateful for that.

I'll be leaving the house in about an hour to ride another leg of the TdeFW this morning.  I am also grateful for a work situation that is flexible enough to allow me to do this.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Eat A Lot of Peaches.



  1. I've heard that in the right circumstances (read: hot and sweaty), pickle juice is wonderful. Haven't tried it myself, but glad it hit the spot for you!

    What a fun weekend, fun event, and how nice to be with such fun people! Glad the weather was in your favor, too!

  2. That sounds like a dream weekend! Glad you all such good weather and good times. Peach ice cream and no wind - what more could you ask for on a bike ride?!

  3. Sounds like you had a great visit and a thoroughly enjoyable ride. I'm going to hold off on trying cold pickle juice for a bit, but I DO have a peach packed in my lunch today. YUM!

  4. The boys love pickle juice. Though I love love love dill pickles, tt makes me cringe to think of drinking the brine!

    It was so nice to see you and yours this weekend. I pedaled quite a distance with Pebbles and Slater - he had some great advice for rigging up homemade tubeless tires for The Architect and we're going to give it a try. He went through three innertubes at the Smurf Boy that night.

  5. You are a cycling maniac! Love it!


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