Thursday, July 12, 2012

"It's Just Like Riding A Bike"

Thunderheads In The Distance
Whoever said "It's Just Like Riding A Bike" is a bald-faced liar.  Forgive me, Lance, it has been nine days since my last bike ride.  And I felt like crap on that bike last night.  Legs were like lead, belly felt like it was propped up on the handlebars.  Felt like I had sludge oozing through my veins.  There was nothing light and freeing about last night's ride.  And even worse than how I felt physically, was how I felt on the bike - it was like it was the first time on Inez.  Damndest thing.  It just felt awkward.  Guess this means I need more riding!  But that comfort and agility hasn't come back from vacation.

I have come away from this trip believing that I have a higher sensitivity to glutens (and possibly too much dairy)  than I'd realized - at least that's what Dr. Google tells me.   I'd been eating really clean for about a month and even through the first few days of vacation.  About Friday afternoon, I chose to eat the junk that I'd avoided and by Saturday (the return trip) I was wheels off.  I immediately cleaned up my act upon return in the wee hours of Sunday morning and I'm sitting here on Thursday morning - still feeling most of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity.  Dr. Google hasn't been able to tell me how long this will last.

I am, however, proud of myself, as I had to make a work-birthday-party cake run last night to get what I discovered pre-gluten free to be the best chocolate cake in the history of the free world - Grandma's sheet cake at Central Market.  I've had that Kryptonite sitting on the counter since last night and as of this writing, it's still intact.  AND I purposely scheduled the actual birthday party when, "oh, my goodness, I have a meeting and won't be able to attend, but here's my card" instead.  If that plan gets foiled, then I bought myself some extra special coffee that I'll take to work and brew myself a small pot of decadent coffee (with cream) and have that for dessert.

The above picture I shot in the grocery store parking lot - looking east - there was an impressive row of thunderheads (I couldn't get a shot of the best ones) off to the east.

So that's the story, Morning Glories.  I'm having dinner with my old work girlfriends - this is developing into a  Thursday night thing.  And let's all say a prayer for my terminally ill friend in FLA - her husband drank himself to near death about six weeks ago, went to the hospital and rehab for six weeks - got home last Sunday and by Tuesday night was drinking hard again.  As of last night, he was still at it.  Pray for those who still suffer.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Know your poison.



  1. You'll get your bike legs back and then it will be all downhills and tailwinds.

  2. You express that you knew you were gonna feel like this the past couple of. You know your body. It doesn't make it any less hard to face the music. Proud of you that you rode despite your feelings.

    The situation with your friend just makes me so sad. My sister is going through kind of the same thing with my niece, only with the big H. It's just so tragic. I will be sending good thoughts their way.

    Hope your dinner was great!

  3. Geez... time goes by so fast! I'm behind! LOL

    I love the photo!

    Keeping your friend in my prayers and include those that suffer from the disease.


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