Sunday, July 1, 2012

July One

Not actually from S-W
Come the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I'll be leaving for the airport to go home to WA for a few  days.  The highlight of the trip will be this - my hometown 4th of July celebration.  If I'm really lucky, the pipe and drum band from Victoria, BC will make the trek down to play.  If I'm doubly lucky, it will be Scotland The Brave - which always makes me cry!  And as it turns out, when watching YouTube videos to select which one to link, bagpipes make Barkley cry, too - but not in that good way.  I suspect bagpipes are an acquired taste - I think there is some tones (perhaps the "flats"?) in music that I find especially appealing and if I knew more about it, I'm sure there is a name for it - but I hear it in bagpipes and I hear it in the voices in old-timey bluegrass harmonies.  Whatever it is, it resonates with me.  And wakes the dog up from his nap!

Speaking of the dog, we are doing better.  We've grown accustomed to each other's routine - I've not been quite as "enabling" as he is used to, but with Slater working from home, the dog really doesn't have to have much of a schedule, but around here, I run a pretty tight ship in order to get done the stuff that needs doing.

Tonight is my last night with The Beast, his folks come back to civilization on Monday to pick him up.  Then I will be whipping and spurring to get things cleaned up enough before I leave the house at 3 am on Tuesday morning to start a long day of travel with my mom and sister.  Our first day promises to be a long one, starting here, landing in Seattle for mac and cheese at Beecher's for lunch and a stroll through the market and ending with a street dance in my old hometown.  I've not been to the street dance since I was in middle school, but if I can stay awake, that's where I'll be on Tuesday evening.

I suspect this is Mar sin leat for a week.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Harmonize.



  1. This sounds like a wonderful trip - enjoy yourself, and bring us back some pictures of you dancing in the street!

  2. Wow! My stepmom lived on 35 acres in Sedro Woolley for 20 years or so. (Now she lives in Victoria, BC.)

    1. Mel,

      During what period of time did she live there? And why there, do you know?

  3. SO SO SO FUN.
    cant wait to read all about it :) (hinthint)

  4. LUCKY! The only place in the country that isn't hot as hell. Good for you. Have a great trip.

  5. Enjoy every minute! Looking forward to the recap (with photos please).

  6. I just missed sending you a proper farewell; I seem to always be a tad late to every party nowadays.
    Have a great time. I hope the weather is decent for you and that the mac and cheese is better than you remember. Looking forward to a recap when you get back. Safe travels!


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