Tuesday, August 7, 2012

But It's a Fast Heat

When I moved to the Collinwood-Smythe House, I was aghast at the lack of:  dishwasher, dryer and microwave.  Well, I didn't expect there to be a microwave and I wasn't really going to ask for mine back from Pebbles because really I had no place to put it in this One-Butt kitchen.  So I've lived without all three of these "necessary" appliances for well over a year.  Last week, a coworker was cleaning out her garage from the fruits of selling parents' homes and mentioned she had a microwave.  So now, I have, installed in my garage!, a microwave.  Honestly, I don't know how long I will keep it.  I've survived this long without it - but in this heat, it might be nice not to have to heat up the kitchen (not that I have cooked anything in nearly ever!).  Right now, however, it's seriously impeding my clothes drying space in the garage.

I rode again on Sunday, but absolutely had no legs left from Saturday's climbing.  They felt like concrete pillars, so I just took it easy and got in some revolutions.  Soon after, Pebbles called and she and Slater were going back to the nekkid spa  and asked me to join them.  Since I had a Groupon, I was in.  I went over there, did the spa thing, had some great Korean food and watched the Olympics on the big screen while sitting in the world's most comfy recliner.  There may have been napping involved.  I find it so funny that people, myself included, are just relaxing and napping all over the place.

Productive day at work yesterday and another planned for today.  I'm neck-deep in a project that I feel really strongly about, so that's good.  What's bad is that I've got out of the habit of 6am exercise classes.  I've been sleeping so poorly as of late, that I was just exhausted.  For the time being, it seems, a dose of melatonin is helpful, but it does allow me to sleep past time for the gym. Right now, I'm choosing sleep over exercise and I'm feeling better because of it.  Once this heat breaks, then there may be options for more exercise in the evening - but for now, my priorities seem to be sleep and watering the gardens.

I'm going to shoot for a Wednesday ride, if the daytime temp stays below 105.  Otherwise, it will probably be just another Saturday morning ride for me.  There is a Sunday ride in a neighboring county that looks interesting - it's just a club ride, but is ranked a 1-2 on the difficulty scale - which might allow me to build on my mileage base.  Who knows?

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Get fired up.



  1. I've declared a moratorium on cooking at my house until this heat wave abates. Sandwiches and salads until further notice.

    And yes. Biking is necessary for sanity, but the more strenuous exercise can wait until it cools off a bit.

    Have an excellent day!

    1. Are you and yours riding the municipal ride tonight? I love the summer moratorium. I'm just assembling salads around here.

  2. I've been so sick of grilling I've been doing actual oven heating which has made the house miserable! Thankfully we have a window unit in the family room so we escape to there or outside to the patio if there's a breeze.

    I'm still getting up for my morning exercise but I completely understand the broken sleep thing. I so look forward to Friday/Saturday nights where if my sleep is broken I don't have to answer to the alarm the next morning and can just sleep until my body wants to get up.

    1. I have yet to even fire up the grill since moving here! I just need to break down and do it. I'd be a lot happier with my food choices, I think.

  3. and its wednesday!! are we riding?
    if "we" are perhaps this "we" shall drag her arse outside for a long stress-reducing walk.

    we gots this?
    we gots this :-)


We'll try this for a while.