Monday, August 20, 2012


F'n Growth Opportunities This Week:

1.  Getting a sliver out of my RIGHT thumb.

2.  Dealing with a not-working-AC yet again.  Same symptoms as last time.  I'm trying not to panic and assume the worst.  Think about the tree, Roxie, think about the tree.

3.  I sat straight up in bed over the weekend and realized I hadn't paid the homeowner insurance on Reata South in godonlyknows how long.  All of my bills are on auto-pay and I don't think about them anymore.  That particular bills is mailed out there on a quarterly basis and has no option for auto-pay - which is just often enough for me to fuggetaboutit.  I shot off two electronic payments but I need to follow up with them today.  Oh, how I do hate this kind of business - especially when it's my own dumbassery.   Dear Residents of Reata South, When I ask you to tell me when I get any mail out there, please do so!   I just need to find out if I can get the bill sent here without changing the policy to a landlord policy, as it is not rental property, but I don't live there.  My umbrella-liability-insurance agent has it covered as my property, but that policy would have to change, should it become income producing.  Sheesh.

4.  Today my first day of my Vietnam history class and the A/C people are supposed to call me between 10 and 2.  What are the odds that they call between 11 and 12?  We shall see.

5.  No biking over the weekend.  I just wasn't feeling it.  Don't know why, but I wasn't.  My riding buddies bailed for various and sundry reasons, so I just stayed home and worked in the yard.  I'm sort of glad about it, as I heard there was a pretty gruesome suicide discovered out there just about the time I would have been riding through, had I chosen to go solo.  I am thankful that I missed being there for that discovery.

6.  Trying to function on about half of the sleep I need.  Loss of the AC on Saturday night didn't help.  At least last night was cool.  My hope is that they get this puppy fixed today.

Thus ends the whining and griping for today.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Don't panic.



  1. I hate those sit straight up in the middle of the night moments. My sympathies.

    I say yes you can have the bill mailed to another address. My former boss owned properties in several places but all the bills, including insurances, came to his office.

  2. I echo Helen. As of right now I am having all of my grandmother's mail/bills sent to me as I am her POA.

    You know those, "Keep calm and carry on" posters? I saw one the other day that made me laugh out loud: "Now panic and freak out." ;-)

  3. "Think about the tree" could be a nice mantra! A/C issues suck and have sent me into a massive panic before. It's bad enough to think about the potential cost, but you're hot, sweaty and uncomfortable on top of that. Hope it's very very minor.


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