Sunday, August 12, 2012

McKayla Is Not Impressed

That picture depicts my attitude for most of the weekend.  Even though it was filled with good stuff, I was generally pissed off between the good times.  On Friday, I was certainly wearing the porcupine chaps, topped up by the lovely Christine's Sombrero of Hate.  I would have kicked the cat if I owned one - JDG notwithstanding.  I don't really know what caused the pissed-offedness.

On Friday, I was invited to the movies by Ellie, a biking buddy, along with several other women, to go see Hope Springs.  Wow, what a movie.

Saturday morning I went biking with Talia and two other women I've met while biking.  We had really good time.  We went to breakfast afterward and then on to the little local farmer's market, where I bought my first ever Isreali melon.  I didn't set out to buy it, but I only had $3.00 in cash on me and that was the only thing I could buy.  (The farmer's market trip was an impromptu decision).  I am sure glad I did - it was amazing.  I took it over to Pebbles' and we had it for an appetizer and dessert for dinner and as the majority of our brunch, plus there was still some left for Slater when he arrives home from his biking weekend.

Pebbles and I were supposed to go to a movie, but we ended up shopping (5.5 hours) instead.  I bought a new pair of shoes to audition for my traveling shoes, but they have failed to make the cut.  I cannot stand to wear them - but unfortunately, didn't figure that out until I actually wore them for some time.  Oh well, maybe my sister would like them.  I did buy another great white shirt, as one cannot have too many.  My total is now three.  Pebbles found a dress that will do in case she doesn't find anything better.

Bad night's sleep, caffeine (lack thereof) headache and a freak flat tire accident made me can our planned morning bike ride.  I don't know how it happened, but it's the second front flat that's happened when she's on the bike rack.  I didn't lash down the front wheel enough and it came lose and turned someway and the tire flattened.  I was in no mood to wrestle with that.  (Inez is sitting in the dining room right now, awaiting her maintenance).  Pebbles suggested we go to "water" yoga at her studio.  I don't love hot yoga, but she said this was just very warm yoga 90 degrees.  Ninety minute class led, not by an actual instructor, but by a soundtrack with great yoga-appropriate music and a voice over giving direction for the next move.  It's also done in a darkened room.  Can I just say that it was 40 kinds of wonderful?  The perfect blend of flow and stretch and relaxation.  It's what yoga (for me) should be.  Made me feel about a million times better.

And it's a good thing, as I got home and a freak storm blew through with high, straightline winds, an impressive lightning storm and very little rain.  I was watching it come in from my front porch, while in my back yard, one of my tallest trees was blown over.  Looks like I'll have to call the tree service.  Oh well, at least it didn't hit anything - although a crepe myrtle may be injured in the rubble.  I might have to get out there tomorrow to see if I can free that tree.

Some good bits, some bad bits and me with mostly a bad attitude.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Attitude is a choice.



  1. Ugh! I was crabby this weekend, too. I'm going to blame this infernal heat.

    Hope your week is cheerier!

  2. Let's just go with "heat crankiness" - I think it's going around. Hope your week is better than the yucky parts of your weekend!

    Ive still gots my crabbipants on, too!!

  4. That picture cracks me up! I hope this week is a great one.

  5. Sorry about your tree. And the cranky pants weekend. Here's hoping the week is better.

  6. Oh boy I know exactly what you're talking about...I get that crabby attitude every now and then and I just allow myself to be in it, knowing that it will pass, because it always does. I also tell people who are close to me, and let them know that it's just a temporary mood. But I like to snarl to myself a little bit, when I in that mood.

    I can't wait to see Hope Springs. Much of it was filmed in Stonington, CT, which is just a few miles from where I live :-)

  7. Aaawww happens...but if you ......'wait for it'........wait for it.............better times are comin'! Hugs! deb

  8. Crank happens. It sure can be annoying especially when you can't figure out why it's happening but thankfully, it too, passes.

    Your "boy what a movie" comment has me intrigued. It was filmed just a short 15 miles away from where I live so it's all the rage in these parts. But based on some reviews I've read, I'm waiting for the DVD.

    1. Oh, I loved the movie. I found it very powerful - parts very funny and parts very poignant. It was NOT a rom-com - more a drama with comedic moments.

      I wouldn't trust a review done by anyone under 40 - I think one has to of a certain age to appreciate what the movie had to say.


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