Saturday, August 4, 2012

Peak Performance

from cyclenewbie
It was good to get away.  It was like hitting the reboot button.  I left the office on Friday about 3pm, loaded up Inez and headed the 40 miles out to the edge of the hill country.  Talia arrived before I did and had taken up residence poolside.  We visited - and I gave her a present that I'd ordered for her because she admired my Tshirt.  We met an woman at the pool, who, in spite of being an overzealousdisclosure, had a fabulous recommendation for dinner.  This restaurant was A-mazing.  I would seriously make the trip down there again just for dinner.   The food was wonderful, the atmosphere nice, but not stuffy and the Texas Trio appetizer will haunt my dreams for weeks to come.

We also followed our Overzealousdisclosure's advice and went here for chocolate pie (hey, we are riding tomorrow, alright?) and to hear "amazing karaoke".   Umm, not so much.  I'll have it stated for the record that I took two bites of said chocolate pie and decided it was not worth it.  Oh, it wasn't inedible - it was pudding in a storebought crust with some whipped cream on top - but it wasn't near good enough to bust the budget on.  And the karaoke?  Bawling calves in a hail storm.  Me thinks the trip@dvisor's reviews might not be "authentic".  When you see reviews from folks who only have given that one review, that's a red flag.  Still, it was a great evening.  We walked home to the hotel on the boardwalk and saw that amazing full moon over the lake.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Talia decided that we would ride out bikes from our hotel to the starting spot to get in some extra miles, as we were only doing the 20, and that proved to be the right decision.  However, we sort of just arrived and then started the ride - so we didn't see or get the opportunity to visit with other folks.  This ride was uphill for 15 miles, seriously.  With one really killer hill - which we've named The Spanish Inquisition - because it came upon us so quickly and we weren't expecting it AT ALL.  We turned this corner and there were cyclists off their bikes, going in all directions, and they were fit cyclists, too.  It was alarming.  I don't really know why we made the decision to go for it, when so many others were bailing, but we did.  I damned near got ran over by a SAG vehicle at the apex of the sumbitch.  It was, without a doubt, the steepest hill I've ever climbed.  But we both made it - but I think I might have turned one of my lungs inside out.  

And then we got to climb some more.  We finally reached the peak and there were some serious downhill twisties.  Never done those before.  That part was kind of scary, in that we were riding on sun-dappled roads, so I couldn't really see what was awaiting in the shady bits, plus the descent was on a road with houses and dogs and kids that could come out of any place at any time.  I was glad to be through with that part of it - but we pretty much descended for the final five miles of the official ride.  This ride probably won't go into the "I can't wait to do this again next year" category - for a variety of reasons.

Both Talia and I arrived feeling crabby and irritable and left all zen-like and wobbly-legged.  We also made a pact to stay off FB for the month of August.  I think I'll leave off pinterest, too.  Email and blogging only for me.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Keep pedaling.



  1. a month off of FB and Pinterest will give you so much more wiggle room in your day, I bet. Especially Pinterest. Good Grief, that site is addictive. But I love, love it. SO many good ideas there. I will gladly be your eyes, and if I see anything you might like I'll pin it. When you get back on, look me up :)
    What a thoughtful, funny gift for your friend. Love your sense of humor.

    1. I'll do exactly that! I don't even know how many "pins" I have already saved....

  2. I have a FB account and Pinterest but unlike ALOT of people i don't enjoy them . I'm a blogging /Email gal. :)Hugs! deb

  3. Congrats on making it uphill all the way! It sounds like you had a great weekend :)

    I'm on FB and still don't know why...barely use it and my friend list is pitiful, haha!

  4. Yeah!! What a fabulous reboot for your mind and spirit!

    We ended up going to the dirt race. He pleaded and it was impossible to resist. He also pulled logic over on us, "Mom,Dad? This counts as my PE credit, remember?" It was all good. Saw many friends, and The Architect came in 2nd Place. And we were home before the mercury hit 100.

    but I hate pinterest :) so perhaps dont listen to me.
    and YAY for the reboot!
    Im gunning for that during my STAYcation this week!

  6. When you arrive cranky and leave happy, it means it was TOTALLY worth it.

    I love Pinterest but I have it down to a science now that I'm past the initial time sucking hours lol!


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