Thursday, August 16, 2012

When I was at Pebbles' this past weekend, she loaded me up with more hand-me-downs.  Don't get me wrong, it's always nice to have something new to wear - especially something that I didn't have to shop for and pay for.  However, space is very limited over here at CSH, so I've spent quite a bit of time over the past few days trying to make stuff fit.  And there is just too much stuff.

This is yet again another spot where my frugal nature gets in the way of my own best interests.  I'm really happier with fewer things, fewer choices of things that I really LOVE rather than things that I just have.  So in addition to ironing, tacking up sagging hems and replacing missing buttons (that child is HELL on her clothes), I've also been winnowing out some of the things that I don't love.  And if I look in my closets, a full 75% of the contents are NOT things that I purchased.  Most are hand-me-downs from Pebbles, some are gifts from my mom and others are leftovers from my neighbor's largess (and wealthy) friend.

I remember being so excited when given the bag of nice clothes and exercise gear from my neighbor.  Well, it turns out, the original owner must have been a very petite person as everything "fits" but is just too short.  And what I really needed in the way of exercise gear is sports bras - I only have two.  Most of my other exercise clothes (treadmill and yoga, etc - no running for me) have built in bras.  So in order to make use of these gifts, I cut way the shirt part, leaving just the bra part!  Score.  And the stretchy/spandexy part that I cut away, I'm planning on trying to wear upside down sort of as a modern dickey (we'll call it a rickey) under low cut shirts.  Brilliant, I say.  No use adding the extra fabric in this heat - just a tube-top sorta deal to cover up some decolletage for work.  We'll see if it works.  I've seen them for sale as just tubes of stretch lace about 6 to 8 inches wide.  If not, I still have the sports bra out of the deal.

I've also been cleaning out the closets and putting stuff in the donate basket (if it was mine to give away - Pebbles wants her stuff back (packrat!!).  Much more so after reading about Project 333.  I don't know that I'll get down to 33 items right now, as we are in the "shoulder" season.  Our summer dress code at work has passed, but it's still too damned hot to wear full-on business attire, so I'm stuck with trying to limp through until cooler weather and get into the "bulk" of my wardrobe - fall and winter appropriate things.

I've also been setting aside my too worn to donate Tshirts, with the idea that I will eventually bust out the sewing machine and do something crafty with them.  I still want to finish decorating my front porch and make it into a room.  And use it!  I have been out there so little this summer.  I've found some curtains for it and I'd like to make some pillows, etc utilizing the tshirt material for embellishments.  I am giving myself a deadline - if I don't do something with this stuff while I'm off recovering from surgery, then it shall just be trashed (not fit for donation).  There.  I said it.  Just because something could be usable, doesn't mean that it's usable for me.  And just because someone gives me something, I do not feel obligated to wear it, use it or keep it.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Separate the wheat from the chaff and keep only the good stuff.



  1. You are inspiring me to do a big purge of my closet. It is absolutely ridiculous how much clothes I have in there and how much of it I never wear. I did the trick where you turn all the hangers backwards on Jan. 1 and as you wear something they get turned the correct direction. I need to follow through and get rid of all those clothes that haven't been worn. I guess it is my frugal nature that makes me hang on.

  2. Kim, I've got things pretty well sorted through and am now working on a "count" of what I have. For someone who self-identifies as a minimalist/simplicity advocate - I SUCK! Nine pair of dress slacks, only 2 of which I love and TWELVE dresses. Where did they come from? Me, actually. Turns out I buy dresses and rarely wear them.

    Good luck on following through with your January project.

  3. I go through my closet about once a year now and sort clothes into three piles:
    Hate how I feel when I wear this
    Like but haven't worn in a long time

    The hate stuff goes in the Goodwill bag, the Like stuff goes in a tub on a shelf, and comes down the next year when I do my sort. At that point I'm better ready to let go of some things - Goodwill - and I've actually pulled a couple things out and started wearing them again.

    I always say I couldn't do 33 items, but I keep wearing the same things over and over, so maybe I could. Not willing to actually TRY it, though!

  4. Ditto on the system Shelley uses. I have definitely reached the point in my life where I will not wear things that I don't feel good in . In fact, I've reached the point where if I find myself ignoring something that is currently hanging in the closet I ask myself why. If it's because I hate it, I get rid of it immediately!

  5. You are so clever with clothes. I agree, its nice to receive hand me downs, but boy, things can pile up quickly. Right now I am in charge of of taking Patty's things to the Goodwill. I've been cleaning out her closets and she has some of the neatest clothes I've ever seen (some very, very 80's, and some very mod from the 60's). I hate to give them away and am tempted to keep a few but what on earth will I do with them? I'll have to send you some pics of these. Maybe you can help me figure it out.

  6. I did a major household purge several years ago as the kids transitioned from being little children into teens. Now, as they all move forward into aduthood, it's time to clear the decks again. I'm looking forward to reclaiming some breathing room in our house!!

  7. I love the frugal crafty in you! :0) I'm behind... and might catch up in your next few posts, but you are having surgery?!

  8. I'm behind on reading, too, and missed the surgery info. I hope all is well. I'm going to try to catch up today...

  9. catching up and longing for a TEEEEE RING too.


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