Thursday, August 30, 2012

Snake Farm

The pile of tubes is growing!  Not actually mine.  
Well, Hell's Bells.  I was so stinking proud of myself.  I got a flat on Saturday's ride and went out and changed in Wednesday morning to be prepared for the municipal ride.  I was a little late getting home and was all ready dressed and went into the garage to find Inez with another flat!

So I put my last good tube in.  I guess I must have missed something coming in through the tire during my first change that morning.  I just checked and this change seems to be holding up fine.  I don't have a spare tube yet, so it's back to the lbs for me today.

In the meantime, I got a metric ton of yardwork done last night.  The backyard was so neglected since the tree fell over two weeks ago.  That got taken away on Tuesday and so I spent last night mowing and edging and raking and pulling up flowers that I've come to think of as weeds.  Too many of them and they are too leggy and they reseed all over the damn place.  I will not let all of this get ahead of me next year.  Me and my pruners will strike fear in salvia and four 0'clocks everywhere.

So I didn't get my ride in last night and missed seeing several people (Hi Angela), but I did go to spin class in the morning, so there is that.  I'm getting ready to head to the gym to throw some metal around and do some ab work.

I am having all kinds of trouble finding/getting the appropriate vaccinations.  Grrr.  But learning in my VN history class how successfully mosquito warfare was used against European invaders, I'll keep trying.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Get your backup plan a backup.



  1. Ya know, now that you've gained some proficiency at swapping out tubes, you know what the next step is? Patching the old flats. It'll turn that pile o'snakes into useful spare tubes!

    Would a local travel agent have info on where to get vaccinations for travel to VN?

  2. Ha!! I googled "uses for old bicycle inner tubes" and you would be amazed at the gajillions of ideas out there. Everything from pony tail holders to carbinger straps to waterproof cable casings and bike frame armoring. Granted, most of them are darned ugly, but they are uber functional and pay more than lip service to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

    With the boys' off road biking, we have a LOT of old tubes - and yes, I do insist on patching as much as possible. House rule is that Mom will pay for patch supplies, boys will pay for new tubes.

  3. You would think you could get vaccination information on the Department of State's website.

    Hope you get your backup tube before you actually need it!


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