Friday, August 17, 2012

The Forest For The Trees

New Brunswick
Really good news on the tree front!  And yet another example of my either/or black or white thinking.  Turns out, the tree guy suggested that the remaining part of the tree was perfectly healthy and that we should just trim completely away the part that had fallen (but not quite separated) from the other main trunk.  I told him that I wanted to replace the tree with a better tree (it was a Hackberry, not a Chinaberry (whatever that is)).  He pointed out to me that I have a red oak that is about 8 feet tall right there and with the fallen part of the tree out of the way, it will do that much better!  Well, hell's bells. Looks like it will all be okay.  They will come back and trim, seal, cut up and remove all the debris for $125.  Sounds like a deal to me.

Oh, and as an added bonus - the pine tree that I thought was dying - he said looked just like most pines do in Texas at this time of the year.  Just add a little more water and give it some fertilizer.  He said I should probably limb it up a bit and I will do that.  He also suggested that I go talk to my scary-and-as-yet unmet neighbor to get permission to take a branch off of his tree back at the crotch instead of just at the property line.  Gulp.  I hate knocking on doors worse than I hate the damned telephone.  Oh, well, It will have to be done.

Wendy and Janice and I planned to ride on Wednesday night, but with a late breaking post from The Honorable, Wendy and I opted to join her. Including us, there were a total of 9 people that rode.   That woman is amazing on a bike.  She's been off for 7 weeks due to injury and so came back on her hybrid due to some double-vision that is persisting from the concussion and wanted the stability of that bike - with platform pedals.  And she still smoked Wendy and me.  HH apologized for slowing us up - I told her that we'd been "whipping and spurring" to keep up, which is the honest truth.  But it sure was fun.  We all met her husband for a drink and dinner - patio time in Texas - and it was wonderful.  Good thing it was on the patio and I was in my bike kit, as a whole big tumbler full of ice water was spilled on me.  Cooled me off really fast!  All in all, a great evening.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  See the forest.



  1. And this is a perfect example of why it's good to have another set of eyes. Works in just about every type of situation! Really, it's what friends - and professionals - are for.

  2. Glad your trees are going to be ok! I'm worried about our tree in the backyard... it's looking a little ill. I hope it survives the summer!

  3. Oh, good. I'm glad the tree is saved and! And the price is right :) Hope the unmet neighbor turns out to be not-so-scary.


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