Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Thing Most Doctors Fear

The thing most doctors fear is a menopausal woman with a list.  I heard that last week on NPR, I believe.  A (intern) GP or PCP or whatever we call them nowdays - they used to be called "the family doctor" - was interviewed and he said that was what he feared the most.  Well, brace yourself, Dr. Bob, as my appointment is at 1:45 this afternoon and I've got a list.  Topics to include, but not limited to:

Should I get a Hep A and B shot for my upcoming trip?  Any other vaccinations that he might recommend?  I'm certainly not vaccination happy, but I want to be smart, too.  What does he think about my hashimoto diagnosis and does he consider me an outlier and sub-clinical?  Are there any other solutions besides HRT for these mfn hotflashes and night sweats?   I need some damn sleep.  Renew that RX!  Give me a second opinion on the corrective surgery coming up in a couple of weeks.  Oh, and will you refer me to a different endocrinologist because I HATE mine and his office staff too?  They do not return calls.  Ever.  After three attempts, I just gave up.  Funny thing, the topic of thyroid came up with Wendy the other day - turns out, she goes to the same clinic and has had the exact same experience that I have.

I also seem to have suddenly developed a belly after being flat-bellied over the last few years, regardless of where the scale registered.  I'd chocked it up to the aforementioned menopause, which I am sure plays some part, but it finally dawned upon me that I get no form of exercise outside of cycling these days.  And while good form on a bike requires good abdominal/core strength, it does absolutely nothing to improve it (from what I've read).  It's no wonder I look like I'm carrying Aunt Eula's meatloaf around in my jersey!  So I headed to the gym this morning - not to be the cardio queen, but to do hit the weight room for some upper-body and ab work.  I am still plagued with shoulder impingement/rotator cuff issues and I probably will be for the rest of my life, so I really have to watch the upper body training and not overdo it.

I'm home this morning waiting for the A/C guy to come and install the part(s).  Here's hoping that goes well. Tonight is dinner with Valerie and Kendra at one of my favorite restaurants but I plan on making it an early night.  Talia is coming into town late Friday evening to spend the night and we are riding with the early Saturday morning bunch.  

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Advocate.



  1. Bwahahahahaha...the last time I saw my hormone specialist I was inna mood, for sure. Poor guy.

    Here's one more thing to add to your list of considerations: bioidentical progesterone cream (yes, it's HRT, but it's not the dangerous kind).

    And although I can't say I've ever had a flat belly, I've been noticing more belly, even though nothing else has fact, other parts of me have gotten thinner! And even though I'm being super consistent with my kettlebell workouts and fitness walks!

  2. Hit 'em with the list! Anxious to hear what the Dr. suggests. Enjoy dinner.

  3. Hugs, Roxie. We gals have to stay on top of our own health. No one is going to do it for us; this we know. Show that doc who's really the boss (in a nice way so he'll write those scripts!!)


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