Monday, September 17, 2012

The Sweatshop

The sweatshop at CSH
Remember here when I said I was going to get out my sewing machine and do some sewing?  Well, the universe had a response in a big way.  Pebbles is serving as creative/artistic director/decorator for a friend's wedding on October 6 and is making a few things.  She hauled her projects and her raggedy-ass sewing machine (on left) over here to sew, with Mom's guidance.

Everyone who knows what happens next raise their hand?  Yep, stamped on my forehead.  Seriously, I have had a wonderful time creating with her.  However, I haven't sewn seriously in YEARS.  It is amazing how much one forgets, even if not menopausal.  Oh, and this is a brand-new-to-me sewing machine.  I took it in lieu of money that a friend owed me and have never used it.  (that I can remember!).  Anyway, it is an amazing piece of machinery.  I learned to sew and have always sewn on a early 60's era Singer.  Plain, simple machine.  Nothing fancy.  And I would have continued to use it, except that it's in a big old wooden cabinet and I don't have room for the cabinet.  But I would have never bought a machine like this one.  Boy, howdy is it nice.

But teaching myself to sew again on a brand new fancy-pants machine is daunting.  Plus, I've forgotten so much.  I need to applique this letter to an ready-made pillow cover for the lounge area (did you know it's the THING to have a lounge area?  And chevron graphics/linens?  Me either) with the monogram of the happy couple.  I can't machine applique the letter on because there is only one opening in the pillow cover and I can't manipulate the cover around to go around all of those little "special" blocking on the H.  I stopped into the local quilt shop to figure out what product I needed to buy - something tear away, I think.  Luckily, the owner just told me to use regular notebook paper and rip it off after I'd satin stitched around the H to finish it off.  I may have to sew it/them on by hand.  We'll see.

I appliqued one H on one of the table linens and it took me an hour and a half!  I am going to try this recommended method and if it works okay, then I'll adhere the other Hs to the other table linens.  Should be easier.

Returned to work today.  Things weren't as backed up as I'd expected but I am tired, tired, tired.  I think it's time for bed.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Get Creative.



  1. You've officially reached the point where you've forgotten at least as much as you know lol!

    I'd bet on you figuring it all out though. Just don't stress too much about the details of doing it perfectly.

  2. hope you are waking up feeling rested rested rested.
    Id love to learn to sew...I wonder if this old dog COULD learn a new trick.

    1. Miz, with the new sewing machines, they practically do everything for you! I am looking forward to doing more sewing. I used to be really good at it. If I can find them, I'll post a picture of the most darling thing I ever made - Pebbles' attendants dress back in the day when Laura Ashley was all that and a bag of chips!

      Most sewing machine businesses and some community colleges offer beginning sewing classes - or you could hire someone to come in for some private lessons....just a thought. It's a great creative outlet, for sure.

  3. I have my mother's old Singer, that I swear she bought the year it's yeah, the machine is old (but I'm not - how can that BE?!?). I struggled with it so much that I won't sew anymore, but your talk of how nice the newer models are makes me wish I could give one a try. That's a pretty project you're making. Oh, and what used to be the "lounge" - the living room? I'm. so. confused.

    1. Shelley,

      The lounge is an area at the wedding reception - another place to decorate because apparently people can't sit in regular chairs at round tables the whole evening!


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