Sunday, September 2, 2012

VooDoo Child

I feel like a voodoo doll - I got all but one of my needed vaccinations yesterday.  Pebbles found a place that would accept theirs/mine insurance, so we walked out of there without so much as a co-pay.  Should be 100 percent covered.  That child of mine will find a way to save a nickel!  We probably will have to go elsewhere to get the encephalitis shot that is recommended, but paying for one is a lot better than paying for six.

Rode with Wendy and Talia and a new person, Christine,  yesterday.  Rode out in Parker county on a new, very hilly and unopened road.  It was awesome, except for the hills part.  It wasn't much mileage, but it was a lot of vertical, for sure.  Followed by breakfast on the square in the county seat.  Great morning.

I then hopped the train(s) and headed over to Dallas to get pin-cushioned and then just had the kids drop me back on the train.  It was a much nicer deal than driving it myself.  I can get to within a half-mile of their house but yesterday they picked me up at the station and we went and took care of business.  Pebbles had already made an appointment for us - easy peasy.

I intended to go to meditation this a.m, but I got involved with yardwork and ended up being outside for nearly three hours this morning.  Things are looking much, much better around here.

Tonight I'm going with friends to see an outdoor concert.  My friend is the aunt of one of the performers.  I need to remember the bug spray - I'm not yet fully immunized!

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  RIP, SRV.



  1. I bet you are glad THAT'S over. Now, no worries about germs/bugs and you can concentrate on better days ahead when you take your trip of a lifetime!

  2. Yardwork is a form of meditation no? :)


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