Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Post Festivities Post

I know it's wrong
If this is Tuesday, I must be done.  Done with the wedding prep and done with four days of hosting three houseguests.

The wedding turned out to be a learning experience for Pebbles and there is absolutely no pleasure in "I told you so" - I could see some writing on the wall, but she couldn't. Everyone walks their own path.  There wasn't any drama of any sort but Pebbles' fabulous organizational skills and talent were no match for an incompetent venue, bad weather and guests that arrive an hour early.  Sometimes one just has to let go of their "vision" and deal with what is.  Acceptance of the now and acting as if you chose it are some of the toughest concepts to grasp in all areas of life.  She's none the worse for wear and just a tad bit wiser.  And I just let it unfold as it did.  I did say what I thought and then just let it go.  And, of course, I would never say " I told you so" as it isn't productive or even pleasurable - at least with her :-).

I thoroughly enjoyed Rhoda and Mary and their son, Barrett.  Barrett is 8 and quiet enjoyable.  He and I bonded a couple of years ago when I visited them and we've kept direct contact ever since.  I'm not a "kid" person, but he and I have a lot of fun together - and of course, I adore his moms.  We were a little cozy here in CSH, but it worked out just fine.  I put Rhoda and Mary in my bedroom and put Barrett on the barge (day bed/sofa thingy) in the sitting room.  I brought in all the air mattresses and pumps from Pebbles' and was going to put them in the dining-room-that-I-don't use as such for me to sleep on.  However, I just wasn't happy with the taking them up and down each night.  So the night before they arrived, I went to Costco for groceries and there I found the mat-in-a-bag solution.  Worked like a dream.  It comes in it's own bag and it's comfortable enough and it is easy to fold out and then fold up for storage.  I'm getting ready to leave for southeast Asia and I suspect my sleeping arrangements there won't be much different.  So I'll bundle up all the inflatables and send them back to Big D and I'll be all set should I ever host this many guests again.  Of course Rhoda and Mary wanted to put Barrett in the temporary bed, but this allowed me to get up at my usual insane hour, get outside, in the kitchen, on my computer, etc without having to step over or disturb anyone.

And it's Tuesday and I am worn smooth out.  Pebbles is coming over to stay tomorrow night, as she has an early morning appointment on Thursday and we'll give our plans the final run through.  If it's not done by now, it's probably too late :-).

Take good care of  yourself.  Be kind to others.  Know when to fold 'em.



  1. Hosting is hard even when enjoyable. Acting as if you chose whatever 'it' is? Well that's something that generally comes with life experience and is still damn hard at times!

  2. And if the bridal party complains to Pebbles, you can counsel her to say "The wedding is just a very pretty party. It's the marriage that matters most in the long run."

    Oooooh...the big trip is sneaking up fast!

  3. OH!! I like Angelas comment.
    Ill go with that instead of mine.
    she wise :-)

  4. Good for Pebbles for realizing that things were going to unfold in their own way. She sounds like a smart cookie. It can be disappointing, but I blame a lot of that on the media, personally. Another topic for another time.
    Seeing that I am still foggy-minded, I don't want to miss out on sending my love and best wishes for a safe trip to you before you leave for your journey. I will miss you and be thinking of you while you're gone. Cannot WAIT to hear all about it upon your return! ((hugs))

  5. Wow, I've missed a lot... but I figured I would! pebbles got married!?

    1. Nope, she's been married for (omg) nearly three years :-)


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