Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Vagaries Of Age

Ah, the vagaries of age.  I just finished all of my sewing for the upcoming wedding.  Nothing like threading (sewing) machine needles at 5am with eyes that are another year older to remind one that time, indeed, does march on.  These are chairbacks now, but after the wedding will be turned into little pillows for the newlywedded.  Cute idea, but a PITA to deal with.  Mostly because the embroidery company was ALL.KINDS. of incompetent.  I was ready to unleash all manner of fury on them via a YELP review, but Pebbles reminded me it was my birthday and so, perhaps, that negativity shouldn't be stoked.  She was right, I suppose.  I know I won't ever use them again.

Anyway, the birthday was lovely.  I chose to postpone all celebrations until next week or next month, as I wanted to be able to finish the sewing and get the house ready for company in a leisurely and enjoyable fashion.  Mindfully, as it were - no more "stash and dash" for me (I hope).

As for the wedding, well, October weather has taken an interesting turn.  High on Saturday is suppose to be in the 50's.  Don't know if anyone expected that - don't know if the ceremony will take place outside (as planned) or will have to be moved inside (as not-really-planned for).  Pebbles and I talked over some plausible scenarios using the space and I think we can make it work, if it comes to that and I think it will.  No one wants to see a shivering bride and bridesmaids in little strapless dresses with goosepimples.  I swear it was a hundred degrees just the day before yesterday.  Oh, and the chance of rain keeps increasing.  I think they just need to call the whole outdoor ceremony and move the whole deal into the reception space.  But, it's not my pig roast - I'm just the unpaid labor round here.

But tonight, the weather is perfect for being out-of-doors.  I've been invited by Christine, one of my new biking buddies, to attend an event (fund-raiser) where her husband is playing lead guitar in the band!  It's at a newish venue in town, so if my NY friend Rhoda, doesn't call me, then I'll go - and hell, maybe if Rhoda can get away from the business that brought her to town, we'll both go.  Could be fun.  Flexible like Gumby, I am.  If I don't do that, then my plan is to do some flower arranging.  One of my dear friends left a bunch of birthday gerbera daisies on my doorstep, so I think I'll create some floral arrangements using greenery from my yard and those daisies, along with some mums that are blooming, for a few pops of color.  Now that is a fun way to spend an evening!

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Transform yourself.



  1. I like how you are open to so many possibilities,, Roxie! Hope you have a great evening, whatever you end up doing.

    The chair backs/pillows look really sharp - neat idea!

  2. What a great idea/gift for the bride and groom! I firmly believe that every outdoor wedding should have an indoor contingency.

    Love that you have so many choices for the evening. I have one: a Muay Thai class.

  3. LOL!! I was letting hems out of The Architect's school trousers, and I had to remove my spectacles to thread the needle. Then I couldn't find a comfortable distance for sewing where my arms weren't cramped but where I was still able to focus on that itty bitty needle and not stab myself. I've been sewing since I was a mere child, and I find this new turn of events to be extremely annoying. :)

    Extending the Birthday Celebration = Genius!

  4. A - Happy Birthday!
    B - About jumped out of my skin when you said something about your NY friend Rhoda calling you. False alarm on my part of course - then I got a good chuckle out of it when settled back down. (Recall your contributions to my Tour de Cure rides)
    C - 50's in your neighborhood Saturday!?! I arrive in NOLA Saturday and am NOT expecting anything like that. Hell - I'm wasn't even planning on packing long pants! I know you're a couple hundred miles away but still - here I come!

  5. Good luck with the wedding. Goosepimbling bride and maids not good. Hope you had a great evening.

  6. late to this because of ... uh....child stuffs :) but checking in on you NOW none the less :-)


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