Sunday, November 11, 2012

Premature Evacuation

There were three such events this weekend.

1.  Friday night, I got up and walked out of the movie Flight.  Up until I was in my mid-thirties, had a debilitating fear of heights and of flying.  I have gotten over both of those things, but the first thirty minutes of that movie were horrific (to me), so I got up and walked out. I wasn't too fond of the addict storyline either. I'd seen the trailer, but the movie that I saw (part of) was not at all what I expected.  I'll know better next time to read some reviews before going to the movies with friends.  Good thing I drove my own car.  There are no lasting effects or anything, I just don't like to take in that negative energy.

2.  After pulling together a group of women to ride on Saturday morning, I had a flat in the parking lot, followed by an exploding tube (my only spare).  Had to quit those plans to come home for more supplies.  Luckily for me, Talia and Angela hung with me, and thanks to Angela's great tire seating skills, we were back on the trail in no time.  Different trail, but we still got a nice (but OMGEE windy) ride in.

3.  Saturday afternoon, I went a little pruner happy and cut back large swathes of the garden.  All of the things that would turn to mush come freeze time?  I cut them right off at the ground.  At least in the back yard.  I'll let the lantana go in the front until it freezes, but the backyard looks pretty nekkid right now.

An unintended consequence and benefit of my trip to Vietnam.  I've been Diet Coke free for a month.  There is no such thing as Diet Coke in Vietnam - there is Coca Cola Light, which is NOT.THE.SAME.THING, so I didn't drink it.  Just drank water and coffee.  Didn't think anything of it.  About ten days in, Pebbles asked me if I was going to give it up, since I'd done this much.  And then she pushed a couple of EASY BUTTONS - "Mom, just think about how much more travel you could afford if you weren't buying so much Diet Coke?"  Seriously?  Probably another big trip every two years.  My rate of consumption was at least a 6pack and as much as a 12pack a day.  Yea, I KNOW.  I did forget a couple of times and order them in restaurants, but that is not nearly the same thing as my usual continual IV-feed.  I'd pretty much decided that I could have them "out", but just not keep a supply at home.  I bought one Saturday morning at the 7eleven and took one drink and poured it out.  Couldn't STAND the taste....never thought that would happen.  So, I'm going to try to hang with it.  Don't know that I've ever gone this long.  In the interest of full disclosure, I do have 2 liter bottles of diet Sprite in the fridge and I'll have a glass with dinner, but I'm not constantly slugging it down.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Self-care can take many forms.



  1. LOL...I'm still grinning at the expression on our faces when that tube exploded! Thanks for a marvelous Saturday.

    Yeah for no more soda.

  2. That's pretty crazy about the Diet Coke. Nothing like a little trip to Vietnam to make you go cold turkey! Yes, hang with it - lots of benefits to not drinking it besides the money.

  3. read ny times articles linking diet soda consumption and m.s.


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