Friday, November 9, 2012

Scary Pants, Scary Pants, what are they feeding you?

Jumping Ahead:  Breakfast at a market in the Mekong Delta
That was an amazing breakfast, as was the whole market/floating market experience.  What wasn't in the picture was the pure sugar cane juice (with a splash of lime) that we had to go with it.

I'm struggling to get back in the groove - to drop the travel weight/bloat/water (I'm thinking it's just pure fat :-().  It always amazes me how I can go from "thin" just four weeks ago to "too big for my britches", as I am right now.  Ah, well, I wouldn't have missed the experience for anything, but I am finding that the extra carbs/gluten whatever are causing inflammation throughout my body and I am aching all over - most prominately in my arthritic areas - my "boxing" shoulder and my "hours of horseback riding" neck.

I did get to the gym yesterday morning and I did get back to my way of eating yesterday, except for one thing -  I'd been invited to attend a cooking class at CM given by this woman .  Oh my it was spectacular - lovely green salad to start, followed by pumpkin  risotto, then turkey breast over pureed carrot, onion and celery (all with saffrom- they raise it on their farm) and a potato dish that would make you hurt someone.  Followed by an apple cake that I was prepared to turn up my nose at because I'm a cake snob - but it was fabulou.  I did my best to stick to half-portions, but by the time I came home, my fat jeans looked downright indecdent.  Oh and there was the wine, too :-).  I wouldn't have necessarily Oh, well, it was an amazing experience and now the biking "babes" as one husband calls us - want our next big outing to be cycling through the Italian countryside.

Tonight, I'm going to see Flight with another off-shoot of the biking babes and tomorrow, four of us are doing another easy ride.  I am affirming that my schedule will settle back into the groove.  Yes, yes, it will.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Are yoga pants work-safe?



  1. Perhaps because it's Friday you could wear the yoga pants? LOL.

    I have no doubt that you will get back in your groove but I have to admit I'm so glad to read that you thoroughly and fully enjoyed your experience in Vietnam and then again at the cooking class.

    Life it way too short to worry about temporary bloat!!

  2. Your line about going from thin to to big for your bitches in a month hits home with me too. I'm sure you'll get right back on track. You know I've never been to a cooking class might have to try it :) makes me want to look one up local soon.

  3. Hi Roxie
    I enjoy your blog! :) I missed this : Why Vietnam in particular?
    Thank for sharing photos too.

  4. Yes, yes you will get back to it, pronto. This I know.
    Yoga pants are the rage, now. The rule I follow is this: if they don't shine when stretched (a dead giveaway that they're workout gear) then go for it. No one will know - and no one knows better than I because that's all I've been wearing since surgery.


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