Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Post

I am grateful for the small things, such as being on the elliptical yesterday morning and see George Clooney on the Actor's Studio show on cable.  What a lovely way to spend an hour - if the show was a long play, I might still be there.

The large things for which I am grateful, well, while they are "the usual", it doesn't mean they are unimportant.  My crazy-assed family, the intimate one, all five of us, plus one spoiled Beast Of Unusual Size,  gathered last night for our annual pre-kids-to-OK-fest.  There was too much, way too much, food and an equal measure of laughter.  Pebbles loves holidays or at least this one, and she was in rare form.  When she and my sister (only 8 years between them) get to riffing off of one another - well, it's like QuickWit Central.  I'm the queen of the storytellers, but those two vie (hard) for Empress-Of-The-One-Liner.  It's nights like last that makes me glad I had that plumbing work done earlier in the fall ;-).

So while the dishes are washed and dried and (mostly) put away, I've still got to breakdown the buffet table and wash the linens.  Right this second, the GrandBeast is whining because I get up too damn early and to add insult to injury, I shut the bedroom door so that he can't go back to bed!  It's a good life.  It really is.

The weather has been an amazing gift, so I'm going to take advantage of it and ride today.  There's a group forming at 8am for a quick ride and I think I'll at least start out with them.  They are probably too fast for me, but if I end up riding solo, it's a route I'm very familiar with.

I get three stars today because I did not stuff myself at dinner, didn't eat too much during dinner prep.  I had tablespoons of stuff that I liked, but didn't even have pie.  And, I sent all of the leftovers packing.  I made this stuffing recipe for my sister, as she's low-carbing it these days and it was a huge hit.  People liked it better than the regular-style stuffing. Plus, she was happy to get something that was stuffing-like - or should I say dressing?  

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Gratitude is the Attitude.



  1. Wow, an hour with George Clooney...'Tis the stuff dreams are made of. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Roxie! Enjoy your ride!

  2. I love the days filled with laughter with family. Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

  3. Mmm....Clooney Hour.
    Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend. I am grateful for you today :)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Roxie - sounds like it was a wonderful those times when laughter takes center stage!

  5. Lovely, from Clooney to laughter. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. nice....I give myself two for thanksgiving...I did have keylime pie, but I took a walk. I need to set up some playlists so my hour on the elliptical goes faster, kwim? Thanks for stopping by my blog...I appreciate the support.


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