Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's The Word?

I'm kicking around ideas, words, phrases to encapsulate my intention for the upcoming year.  It seems the sentiment is very similar to last year.  I want to stay as present as possible, as relaxed as possibly, in both mind and body.  Since I've become aware of the physical tenseness that I seem to carry in my body so much of the time - I'm working to change that.  And to improve my posture - I've spent 30 plus years staring at a computer screen, slouching.  I need to find a way, a chair, a device, a something to gently straighten me up and get me ergonomically correct.

And when I drive, I find my chin getting closer and closer to the steering wheel, which I hold on to with some sort of death grip.  It's time to move my shoulders back and get my head and neck in alignment with my spine.  And speaking of shoulders, I need to move them down and back, out of my ears and back, but not pulled back in that goose-stepping way, but just gently back and where I need to be to bring relaxation to bear.

I am finding myself in obsessing mode.  Again?  Still?  I can't seem to hit on the right method to put a stop to that mental exercise-in-futility, so I'll keep looking for ways to stop and distract - without the distraction becoming the next problem to solve.

I'll keep looking for the word, the work and the way.

Good self-care yesterday.  And I'm geared up for the gym this morning.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Find a way.



  1. You sound very aware of your tense issues (and oh, how I can relate to carrying stress in the neck and shoulders) - I bet that is a huge step toward being able to relax and let go. For me, I keep thinking if I just got a massage and reset my body, maybe I could start over and not let myself get so knotted up with stress and anxiety. Of course that would involve letting some stranger TOUCH me, so therein lies the rub...haha.

  2. Hmph. When you completely figure out the tense thing, Share!!

    One thing that helped me was obeying the dentist and getting a night guard. Apparently I was working out my frustrations in my sleep, grinding and clenching my teeth. The guard put a stop to that, which in turn allows me to wake up without a headache and tight neck muscles. Of course, I feel like a kid with a retainer again, but it beats the heck out of a sore jaw.

    Have a great day!

  3. Many times this last (busy and hectic) Summer, I remembered your post about leaving $1.25 on the nightstand.... and I actually applied that wonderful idea to my work.... just doing a wee bit more - every day - takes a huge burden off the end result!

    I made little pool noodles for my upper back that helps with the posture... I think I re-gained an inch of height that I had lost due to slumping! You can lay on them on the floor, or sit back in a chair with them...It really helps!

  4. Have you seen those ergonomic chairs-the style that you sort of kneel in? I have one, but use it only to meditate- which is to say I don't use it at all-lol. I do think the concept is solid, though. I hear you about shoulder tenseness-I have it too, and I know it's very common, but one of those insidious habits that is so hard to change. Good luck, and let us know if you have any breakthroughs.

  5. I have the kneeling chair!
    I use it sporadically (I cant really create/write in it) but I love!


  6. meditation over many many years has helped quiet my mind...


We'll try this for a while.