Monday, December 3, 2012

Blowing' In The Wind

What a productive weekend!  It didn't turn out as I thought it would, but it was still really great.  I had a wonderful ride on Saturday morning with Talia and Angela Pea.  Fun ride with great company.  I came home and started working in my yard - again with this spectacular weather.  On Sunday, Pebbles was supposed to come over and let me borrow their leaf blower/vacuum/shredder thingy to see if I wanted to buy one of my own.  Plus, we were going to finish hanging up some art and generally change things around a bit.  It's been the same for a while and the sitting room has not one thing on the walls.

But then, as she predicted would happen, Slater found a motorcycle.  He's been on a quest since returning from VN.  And he found just what he was looking for in OK.  So, a late night plea was made for dog sitting and they landed in Fort Worth about 11pm on Saturday night.  Their plan was to spend the night, get up the next morning get the oil changed in their vehicle, get a trailer hitch and lighting harness installed, pick up the u-tow-it and head for Broken Bow.  They did remember to bring me the Toro (or most of it, anyway).  So I still spent the day vacuuming (they forgot the sucky part) up leaves and debris in the yard.  It looks so much better.  I've got lots of rock borders made of slices of limestone and the leaves and debris get embedded down in there.  I had been spending hours picking this stuff out by hand because I didn't KNOW there was such a thing as a vacuum!  Anyway, that worked out beautifully.  I am sore and tired today, but in that good way.  I'm feeling much better about my ability to keep this place up in a manner that is pleasing to me.

They got back about 11pm last night, bike in tow to pick up the GrandBeast.  Pebbles will be back next weekend to help me get some stuff on the walls.

In the it's Raining Men category - or more actually - perhaps a couple of isolated showers - The Artist whom I was hosting last week asked me out - and not in a "thank you" way.  It was a nice ego boost, but I declined.  Very nice man and not my type.  However, my type did arrive via other means.  Valerie, who is still active on POF dating site, sent me a profile of someone she thought I should meet.  An avid cyclist, masters degree, lives in this same neighborhood, age appropriate and attractive from what we can tell.  My first thought was wow, interesting.  My second thought was, no way am I going back to online dating.  My third thought is that I will ask her to send him a note asking if he is interested in meeting me.  And if he is, well, great.  If not, no harm no foul and I don't have to enter into the crazy-making world of the online-dating.  Win/win.

Every day is a homerun.  I'm on a streak, in the zone, riding the wave.  I know it will end because to expect otherwise is setting myself up for disappointment and perfectionism.  For now, I'll take it while it's easy - coasting when I can.  There will be plenty of hills later.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Be flexible.



  1. Those leaf blower/suckers are pretty awesome. Who knew you'd get so excited over lawn equipment...but hey, once you've played with one, you can see how great they are!

    I got a giggle out of the Raining Men and now have that song stuck in my head. I like the approach to Bachelor #2 - reminds me of back in school when you'd get a friend to ask a boy if he liked you. But there's a reason why that method was so enduring - it worked!

  2. I will sell this house today! Love that pic!
    It feels like that about buying a house too.

    I love those leaf blowers. What a concept for life, too!
    It works one way, (blows leaves)
    then turn it around and it works the other way! (sucks leaves!)
    Such a simple concept.... who knew!

  3. Don't you just love those days when it feels like all the planets are aligned and everything is perfect? Ah, those are the GOOD days. Be in the moment, be in the forever mantra.


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