Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

Or rather de-boxing day.  I spent part of the morning removing the Christmas detritus - including the box that the vacuum cleaner that I bought myself came in.  I'm such a romantic - a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

The holidays didn't turn out quite like I'd planned, but I've learned to set my expectations low and then be surprised.  For reasons that I have yet to understand, my mom and sister opted out of Christmas Eve dinner (at NOON! on Christmas EVE) I was supposed to have here - after, of course, I had bought all the groceries.  So I called Pebbles to apprise her of the situation and she suggested I just come to Dallas for the afternoon and then we'd all come back to FtW later in the evening.  I declined, not wanting to spend four and a half hours in the car over the course of the day.  She called right back and suggested that I just load up the groceries and hop the train.  Now that I was willing to do.

They picked me up at the train station and we went back to their house and hung out all afternoon/early evening.  It was really nice AND it meant they didn't have to haul The GrandBeast to FtW, as they weren't going to be away from home that long.  We snacked and watched movies.  Let me just say right here that I owe Shelley an apology.  I had rolled my eyes at her love of Will Ferrell and I would have bet the farm that I had actually seen Elf in it's entirety.  As it is Pebbles' favorite holiday movie, we had to watch it again.  Turns out, I don't know what the hell I'd been doing all those times that sucker was popped into the DVD player, but watching it wasn't one of them.  I can't say that I love WF in anything else, but he was absolutely born to play Buddy The Elf.  Super cute movie.

We headed back to FtW about 8pm to go over to my aunt's to play games.  Oh my goodness - what fun.  Pebbles brought Apples To Apples to play, but someone got 5 Second Rule for Christmas, so we played that instead.  It is my new favorite game!  There were 9 of us playing and it was a barrel of laughs.  So, all in all, even with the changes in plans, it was a nice Christmas Eve.

The original plan called for me to go back to Dallas and spend the night and then, at Slater's request, we were going to go to the spa for Korean food and relaxation on Christmas day, followed by a movie.  I decided earlier in the week that I didn't want to spend the night, as I get up so early and they sleep late and I'd rather rattle around in my house in the pre-dawn hours than in theirs.  And then the weather came.  I didn't really believe that it was going to get bad, but it did.  So no spa for me.  I just hung around the house and napped, watched Netflix and generally had an enjoyable day.

As for exercise, there has been none.  And I did okay with the whole food thing - staring down platter after platter of treats and goodies at my aunt's.  Oh, I indulged some, but I didn't over-indulge.  So no guilt.  Still no diet coke.  I'm toying with the idea of going completely caffeine-free for 2013.  I've already switched to decaf coffee, so we'll see.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Think outside the box.



  1. I drink Half-Caff coffee and decaffeinated soda...but did you know that chocolate has caffeine in it!! How DARE they! I'll work on that! Glad you had a nice holiday! Hugs! deb

  2. I'm not a huge Will Ferrell fan but Elf is my favorite Will movie and my favorite Christmas movie for sure. I own a copy and watch it every single year while decorating my tree and usually at least one other time during the season.

    Sounds like your spontaneous holiday was just wonderful Roxie! Sometimes the best plans are the ones that never happen.

  3. Apology accepted. We watched Elf the other night and once again, my future second husband charmed me to no end!

    Your white Christmas was wild - my kids were kind of sad to miss it, being down here. And even though your holiday didn't go exactly as planned, it still sounds pretty wonderful. Merry Happy, Roxie!

  4. hmmm I will join you in the DEBOXING day after we move...but the DEcaf? no way :-)

  5. Glad to see you've warmed up to Will Ferrell. If you are interested in seeing him play a straight part in a VERY good movie - one of my favorites, actually - rent 'Stranger Than Fiction' with Maggie Gyllenhaal. Has the feel of being a Focus Film (though I can't remember if it actually is or not). Anyway, you might become a true convert after that film ;)

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! I honestly have never heard of boxing day until this year... where have I been?


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