Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Living On A Prayer Hair

I have got to get a haircut.  As I was in the gym yesterday morning, I was watching VH1 Classics and it dawned on my I, too, was sporting Living-On-A-Prayer Hair.  Big, bold and curly/frizzy.

I am the world's worst person at going in for a haircut.  As my stylist tells me, if all his customers were like me, he'd starve to death.  I'm lucky if I get in once if five months, much less the five weeks that is recommended.  But it is reaching the tipping point, for sure.  I am very, very fortunate and I have gorgeous hair, if I choose to fix it.  Throw in some hot rollers (which is just the easiest way for me to deal with it) and I've got some big ol' Texas hair going.  And I'm hillbilly enough to like it that way ;-). I'm not good with round brushes or blow dryers or curling irons or product for this and product for that, but I flat know my way around some hot curlers.  I've got this little travel set of hair biggen hot rollers and in ten minutes I'm ready to shred my jeans and put on some big old shoulder pads, complete with epaulettes.

Speaking of blowers, I got all the parts for the leaf blower and took that thing out for a spin yesterday.  Holy Moly - it's a wonder I've got any dirt left in my flower beds!  There is some serious power to that puppy.  I gots to get me one of them.  SOLD!  Everything looks so much nicer and it's so easy!  I just blew everything out of the front flower beds, down and out to the curb and then turned on the vacuum and just sucked it all right up.  Now to get some mulch/compost down.  I'd love something that would stay fresh/dark looking for a while - I'm thinking of a compost mix to give some visual interest to the winter beds, at least.  I am not, however, putting down winter rye this year.

Still on target with the program.  Get up, get into gym clothes before even leaving the bedroom in the morning to build coffee.  Three eggs cooked in tomatillo sauce for breakfast and lunch of clean protein and vegetables.  I'm doing lots of Costco frozen seafood for dinner, along with a salad.  Throw in the ocassional cup of hot chicken broth to tide me over, and I've been doing well.  Tonight, however, is a different story.  I have a work dinner to attend, provided by a vendor, so it's a chop house steak for me tonight.  I haven't had a good steak in forever.  Looking forward to that!  

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Play to your strengths.



  1. Roxie, you just got my morning off to a hilarious start, thanks for your wit!

  2. Between your hillbilly hair and your new love the of the leaf blower, I'm cracking up over here.

    I'm trying to grow my hair out right now but I think I'm going to hack off a few inches to get rid of some layers. I suck so much with the rollers but do ok with a blowdryer and a round brush.

  3. HA HA HA!!! My wild crazy curly hair drives me nuts. It's been particularly unruly since Princess Pea set off to college; she was my personal hair smoother outer, and she took the styling tools and fancy hair products with her.

    I like crushed pecan shells for mulch, as they add nice texture and tend to keep their reddish color. They are stupid expensive, though. I just shred leaves for mulch at the Pea Homestead, as they are a)plentiful and b)free.

  4. Some days I curl the crap out of my hair, and when it's all big and foofy, I know I'm working Big Texas Hair right - love that you embrace it, too!

  5. I too have discovered a love of tools since I decided to maintain the yard myself. I even found a new boyfriend: First name: John; Last name: Deere. Love my new man!


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