Friday, December 21, 2012

The Perils of Pralines

I almost made it.  I'd run the office gauntlet in spectacular fashion this week, dodging all sorts of treats and goodies, parties, deliveries and homebaked goods.  Until today, when an evil-doer of the sugar pushing variety gave me my very own stash of pralines.  She makes THE BEST pralines in all of the land.  Seriously.  These are apocolyptically good.  So I took all the little goodie bags I'd received, including the pralines, and created a treat plate over in the office kitchen AKA Candyland.  But I kept two pralines for me - and I ate them, I enjoyed them and I don't feel one bit bad about it.  They are worth it.  If I'm going to have a treat, let it be exquisite. 

We get sprung from the office around 3pm today and I've still got some returning to do re:  It's Art If I Say It's Art aquisition.  Plus, some boots that I ordered online that just don't work.  I'm a cowboy's dream - I gots fat calves - so I ordered wide-calf boots.  Lawdamighty, I couldn't even get my pants down over the legs of those boots - it looked like I was wearing culverts, not boots.  So back they go - teach me to buy sight unseen. 

I didn't go to the gym this morning, as I needed to fix something for a birthday breakfast in the office, and now the gym is closed for the holidays.  I'm looking for some drop-in yoga to fill my need for stretchy, stretchy - and hopefully the weather will allow some cycling.  I am getting so spoiled to riding with the b'shells that I kinda hate to ride by myself these days. 

I will be participating in the good-thing-in-a-jar challenge that's making the rounds these days.  I already have my container picked out.  I'll also be participating in Ellen's Hate Loss Challenge as well - it's always interesting and informative to see what Ellen comes up with.   
That's all I got.
Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Choose Wisely - make it worth it.


  1. This: "If I'm going to have a treat, let it be exquisite" - is the best way to approach goodies. Kudos, and good on ya for enjoying the pralines!

  2. Oh Happy Day! I get sprung from my office just as soon as I finish a report that has to be sent out on Monday. Monday? Yes, Monday. Because sometimes bosses and/or clients can be called Scrooge. :)

  3. When I went to the White House there were pralines on the dessert table. I took one and goodness gracious it was simply the most divine best praline I've ever had. So I took another. Then I walked away because I swear had I stood next to that table, I could have eaten the WHOLE plate of them! I'm glad you enjoyed yours.

  4. I *love* pralines. In fact, I made some earlier this week because I was craving them. I made a partial batch so there were only about 12 candies, which both John and I ate.

  5. Have I ever had a praline? I honestly don't think I have. It's probably better this way.
    If I don't get back here before, have a wonderful holiday you beautiful gal. I'll meet up with you again once the dust settles.

  6. Pralines are definitely worth the splurge!

  7. Yes, pralines are in the "worth it" category! I'm out of the loop...what is the good-thing-in-a-jar challenge?



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