Monday, January 21, 2013

Bacon Makes Everything Better

Well, I didn't rebound as quickly as I'd hoped and still felt bad on Saturday.  Perhaps my party on Friday night was a little too much.  It went pretty well.  I had 12 guests, I believe.  It is hard to attend to a dozen people and still be engaged in the festivities.  It was the first time most of the guests had been here, so they weren't really apt to take the "make yourself at home" and "help yourself to more beverages and goodies", so that kept me hopping.

Saturday, I laid low.  I didn't ride but I did do a bit of work out in the yard, as the weather was wonderful.  By evening, however, I was feeling a bit down and unmotivated.  At almost 9pm, Pebbles called and invited me over to the Big D Nekkid Spa, so I met her over there and then spend the night.  TGB woke us all up early, so we headed out to breakfast, as I was CRAVING bacon and Pebbles said this place  had the best bacon.  Hmm, I didn't realize until just now, that it was a chain.  Anyway, perfectly cooked thick sliced bacon, crispy but not burned.  Yummy!

I headed home after that and hopped on the bike for a great ride on another brilliantly sunny day.  It felt good to get out and to have all my internals feel like they are back to normal.  I ended up going farther than I had intended, as I ran into some folks I know out on the trail at my turnout point, but they convinced me to ride farther with them.  Then, when I was coming back in, it was just too nice to go home, so I bypassed my car and rode further.  Longest ride I've had in months.  I actually enjoyed the solo ride today, something that I don't often do.  As they say, the hardest step is that first one out of the door.

This week is jammed with pre-trip stuff.  Pebbles is working an alternate solution for TGB.  I kinda felt like she wasn't going to just this trip pass through her fingers.  She's resourceful and creative, that one.  We'll see.  Fingers crossed.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Everything is better with bacon.



  1. Mmmmm.....bacon. DirtBike showed me a picture he found on the internet of a bowl made out of bacon, to serve salad in. "Mom! I'd even eat SPINACH salad if you put it in a bacon bowl!"

  2. I am a big fan of bacon...I eat it about once a week. Glad you're feeling better!

  3. bacon.....mumbles...wandering away.....*cannot have bacon.......

  4. Oh, I do hope she can find a work around for the beast so she can go. If there's an answer out there, I'm sure she'll find it. Fingers crossed!


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