Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Changing Course(s)

I'm not really choosing the cruising life.  I am, however, changing my plans for exercise tomorrow.  I started my day spinning with Mr. Beautiful and then went to TNT (tone and tighten) class at lunch that has left me hurting. I think I'll be able to get up off the commode in the morning if I'm really lucky.  Anyway, I had planned to do Zumba in the morning followed by a yoga class at lunch.  I think I'm going to forgo the zumba tomorrow for an easy spin class - just to warm up/move my legs.  They feel like a lead pipe filled with rocks right now.  I've popped a couple of Aleve.  Here's hoping.

Other than that, life is good.  My dance card is pretty full in the run leading up to Aruba.  Dinner tomorrow night with Talia.  Dinner the night after with a professional colleague who will be in town.  Friday night I'm hosting a coffee and dessert social for I don't know how many people.  We'll party until I run out of cake, I guess.  Saturday I'm hoping for good weather to get in a bike ride, but it's looking pretty chilly.

Next week I'm pretty booked up, too.  I'd purchased a groupon for a "spray on" tan nearly a year ago, so I've decided to get it done before going to Aruba - at least I won't be quite so fish-belly white.  I'll be more oompah-loompah-ish.  And so I need to schedule a pedicure BEFORE the Macco paint job so that my color doesn't come off with the "spa" treatment.

Lots of good behaviors to acknowledge.  I'm doing the deal.  And I already have a plan for sending home any leftovers with others.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Lost fitness cannot be regained in a day.  Live to fight another day.

ETA:  Got up, feel like I'm getting the flu or somesuch nonsense (I've had a shot) so no gym for me.  Headache, nausea, body aches.  I'm going back to bed.



  1. Hope you feel better soon - NO FLU FOR YOU!!! /flu nazi

  2. Oh No! Oh No! Oh No! Get better soon! Holler if you don't. I'll bring you some chicken soup. REALLY. I will.

  3. HUGS HUGS HUGS from a woman who got the shot and got the flu, too.



  4. Hope you get some rest and feel better soon! I think that's where I'm headed after I post this, bed. I'm feeling a little off myself.


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