Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Do What I Like And I Like What I Do

In some ways it is pretty sad and in others, well, it's just about damned time.  I'm discovering what I like to do - what brings me pleasure and enjoyment.  As opposed to something that I do for distraction.  See the difference?  Me, either.  At least not until recently.

My life has slowed down, if that makes any sense - or more accurately, I think I have slowed down in my life - am more present and more aware of each moment.  There is less of "just getting through the day" and more of wanting to get everything out of a day - and not in some harried way.

It occurred to me that I need to concentrate more on doing the things I like versus the things that are merely a distraction.  Distraction #1?  The internet.  Can I wile away hours looking for the edge of the internet?  Yes - does it bring me actual pleasure?  Other than catching up with "my people" (that means you), there really isn't much for me there unless I'm on a fact finding mission.

And because I'm so, so, so committed to distraction as a lifestyle, I really don't know how to be at home, alone and do what I love.  I'm working on reading again - now that was a big pleasure for me, but as I've lamented many times, my ability to do so has waned.  But lately, I'm reading more and more - several books in the last few weeks.  I used to be an avid mystery reader, but lately, that doesn't appeal to me much.  I just read Tropper's One Last Thing Before I Go and loved it.

I'm also finding pleasure in buying just a small bunch of simple flowers (about $4.00) each week from the grocery store and creating an arrangement for my bedside table.  I get the pleasure of creating and the pleasure of seeing/reliving the outcome every time I walk into my room.

I am rocking on with my bad self.  I'm meditated, decaffeinated and low-carbed.  I've been doing two a days when I can - not really hard workouts - those start next week, but what I lack in intensity, I make up in longevity.  

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Pleasure or Distraction?  You Decide.



  1. Im slooooowed too.
    and Im loving it.


  2. I am right there with you and so are many of my women friends 'of a certain age.' Which makes me wonder if all the years of child raising and then settling into an empty nest are also a distraction that keep us from figuring that out. In any case, my intent is to rid myself completely of that which I do not like - and I mean that in every area of my life!

  3. This made my day. Extraordinary in every way, Thanks.

  4. Yes! What Helen said! The years of child raising are necessarily busy and distracted. Mr. Pea and I are starting to shed all the stuff we've tolerated over the years out of necessity for the children's sake. It's definitely nice.

  5. Pleasure or Distraction? Interesting thought... I'll have to think about that. :) Glad you are taking time for you and what you enjoy.


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