Monday, January 19, 2015

I disobeyed fear

It's been a wonderful three day weekend here in North Texas (no, that's not Texas, it's AZ Nov. 2013) but we have had several days of fabulous weather.  And I've enjoyed every minute of it.  Got in a good bike ride on Saturday and worked out in the yard both Sunday and Monday.  It's just gorgeous! Was invited by a new friend to a dinner party on Saturday night that was marvelous.  Life is really good.

Lunch didn't happen as planned with Prof X on Friday.  Missed communications.  Don't know if it will happen but I've already gained so much from the experience that I'm not losing any sleep over it. I got to examine some really deep seated, but illogical fears and reactions and I got to practice being flirty - which in this particular case, came very easy.  All good things.

Been enjoying a new podcast, doing lots of crossword puzzles and watching Friends on Netflix.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  As Lyn so wisely said, the world will not end.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sickly Sunday

I finally was felled by whatever crud is going around.  No the flu, thankfully - just some upper respiratory stuff.  Had to cancel several events that I was looking forward to, darn it.  Am back to feeling almost back to normal.  I hope I continue to improve, as I have too much to do to be sick.

In the latest laughable news, on Wednesday, I was at my desk eating an early lunch of TUNA on salad, when guess who popped in to take me to lunch?  You have never seen a salad disappear so quickly (under my desk)!  I did get a heads up phone call from the front desk that he was coming back to my office, thankfully, but I could do nothing to get rid of eau-de-cat-lady.  I couldn't go to lunch, as I was scheduled to leave in a few minutes to go get my mom and take her to the doc.  Oh well.  We are on tap for next Friday.  I would much rather it been able to be "spur of the moment" rather than planned, but it is what it is.

He stayed and chatted for quite a bit (the man can TALK) and I did learn some interesting things.  He used to work with a woman I know very well.  As a matter of fact, they went out a few times decades ago.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Be a legend.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ushering in the New Year, SAM

It's been a lovely start to the new year.  I've had a great break and got lots of stuff done but also spent lots of time just resting and relaxing.  Couldn't ask for anything more.  I hosted a small potluck yesterday which was great fun, as well.

Today is my last day off and I have nothing but more self-care on the agenda.  And my self-care involves making sure my environment is in good shape, so I'm following Apartment Therapy's The January Cure to get things back in tip-top shape.  I've got a friend from Florida coming to stay for a few days next month, so I'm getting a lot of the detail stuff done now, so it won't be crazy just prior to her arrival.  So there's some grout scrubbing in my future.  It's oddly satisfying, I think.  Plus a little gym and some grocery shopping.  It's turning cold around here, so the challenge will be to leave the nice warm cocoon!

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Slowly and Majestically.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Slowly and Majestically

"I remembered an older friend who kept backing up into things, who posted a note on his dashboard that said, Slowly, and Majestically; i wrote s.a.m on my wrist. I pulled on some baggy pants, in case I accidentally ate a few more cookies than might be ideal. THEN, and only then, I got up, and went to the kitchen, where I put the coffee on, and did the sacrament of putter while it brewed."  — Annie Lamott on FaceBook

May this be the year that I live slowly and majestically.  That I finally shut up that horrid voice that tells me that I am lacking.  I am not.  

I am so glad that I shelved the idea of travel over this break.  It has been such a restorative time and that wouldn't have happened if I'd rushed off to "do" something.  Instead, I've practiced the sacrament of puttering around, taking naps, taking breaks, polishing silver, listening to Joe Cocker, starting my new journal (just like getting new school supplies!) sharpening my watercolor pencils now that I've started illustrating (ha! - elementary school drawing, more like it)  it.  I've rolled with the flow, been disappointed when things planned didn't materialize, and been surprised when the replacement thing turned out to be even better. I've had people over, will do that some more, went over there, made phone calls, sent notes and cards.  I've been to the gym, I've walked and spun and I've lounged and watched some great BBC stuff - slowly and majestically.  

I'm in a really good space right now and, in the future, when I'm not, I hope I can remember how to get to a new space, equally as good, or perhaps even better.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Slowly and Majestically.


Monday, December 29, 2014


The terse email, sent using a south-island restaurant's wi-fi said they were coming home today with lots of aquatic stories to tell, including her being attacked by a giant squid!  Now that's a helluva thing to tell your mother without any other detail.  I was, however, invited to dinner tomorrow night to hear the gories.

I am so glad that I opted to stay home.  I've been practicing "the sacrament of puttering", as Anne Lamott would say.  And it's been good for me.  I have been beholden only to myself and my good self-care.  Or as the philosopher Eddie Raven would say "I'm eatin' right and I'm livin' good".

There are a few things that I want to get done, but I haven't approached them with anything resembling ambition - just some nibbling around the edges.  An hour here, fifteen minutes there, a few things thrown in a donate box.  And I've decided to eat all my meals at Central Market!  I do not want to do dishes, nor do I want to clean up my kitchen post-cooking - so it's the salad-bar life for me.  Oh and Kalona Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt is fifteen kinds of yummy.  The whole milk kind I don't even see on their website and it's flagged as a new item in CM.  I was looking for Fage, but they were out and I tried this instead.  Love it!  I feel the need to go buy one each and every day so that CM will stock it on a regular basis.  Yu-mmy.

I've also started running again.  Why?  I have no idea.  Just wanted to, I guess.  Don't know how long it will last and I know I won't be going any great distances, but it's just felt good to stretch it out a bit.  I'm really happy with my decision to join the gym-that-never-sleeps.  I've enjoyed having it available whenever I wanted to go.

On the Professor X front, he's still out of state and has sent a couple of post-grade-debacle emails.  Nice, articulate man.  Interesting.  And it's fun to be interested.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Soak in self-care.


Monday, December 22, 2014

Blue Car Syndrome

This is getting to be crazy.  Sunday night I got an email from Prof X telling me that he needed to change some grades, due to a software error (not mine, fortunately) and he was already out of state.  We exchanged several emails and a couple of phone calls to facilitate the process.  Now, I don't believe for one second that this was a staged event because there is a lot of work involved in the change management.  And we will be having lunch after the holidays.  Lyn, of course, was right.  But I didn't have to ask. 

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Go with the flow.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bad Penny

I had to laugh.  After work on Tuesday, I was trudging from the shuttle to my car.  I'd parked in a new overflow lot due to some construction issues at work.  I moved over to the side to let a silver truck go by me.  Instead, it stops and the window rolls down.  Yep, you guessed it, Professor X.
I laughed and told him he was like a bad penny, always turning up.  We chatted for a few minutes until another vehicle coming up behind him cut short the convo.  Nice man.  With the ball in his court, if he wants to play.

Still a couple of rough days left in the work year and I will be glad to put this year behind me.  I am looking forward to what 2015 brings.  I am excited about my new year's intention and also excited about being able to change the way I do things.  In the past, I tend to pick a path and stick with it, no matter what.  I hope to be quicker to change my mind, to change my path if something isn't working.  Like stopping in the middle of an email train and just picking up the phone.  Just because I started something one way doesn't mean I have to finish it that way.  I have more than one chance to get something right.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Change.