Monday, March 30, 2015

Let's Go To Luckenbach, Texas

I had a wonderful weekend in the Hill Country.  The LBJ dealio was spectacular, as usual.  Ended up with seven of us going.  Great, great time.  I am worn smooth out.  Too much time with the wine bottle and too much time spent with my head stuck in the feed trough.  Today was back on the straight and narrow.

Have I mentioned I'm quitting Diet Coke, again?  Yeah, well, I'm making another run at it.  Of course I decided to do that just after I bought nearly three cases of the stuff at Costco.  I suffer from dry mouth, which leads to other unpleasant things.  Basically, the metal in my mouth from my dental fillings/dental work, etc - coupled with a near constant addition of acid (Diet Coke) - creates my very own organic battery.  So it is time to give the acid a rest.  And the water has to be good for me, right?  Right?  Oh, man, do I hate just drinking water.  But I've been doing it.

Nothing new or exciting to report.  I've got one weekend to recover, then I have another (non0cycling) girlfriends' weekend out of town.  I'm getting to old for this!

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Regroup.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Alchemy of Others

My Flying Fish Roe sushi
Returned from Nashville with a sore back.  Thankfully, I was traveling with a couple of close friends - one who had a pain pill to help me get on the plane and get home.  I'm feeling much better - been doing lots of stretchy things - and now have a standing desk at home (cobbled together) and at work (ready made).

I was away for five days.  The first two days, I damned near starved to death!  There just wasn't enough convenient, appropriate food available.  So I went off the rails a bit for the next two days and then righted myself again on the last day.  Been eating in a way that makes me feel good for the last several days.  It's amazing how long a "baked good" hangover lasts these days.  I feel fairly sure that the inflammation caused by my indulging in conference food played a big part in my back flare.

It's been a crazy busy work week - I've implemented a new program at work and it's required a lot of babysitting, educating and tweaking.  It's been highly successful just not perfect.  I worked a few hours on Saturday morning and then decided to spend the rest of the day SOPing (sacrament of putter - tm Anne Lamott).  I had signed up for a meetup dinner at a sushi place across town but, as usual, was wavering about walking into a group of strangers.  Luckily for me, a couple of the folks with whom I attended the Irish festival were going.  Great!  At least two friendly (known) faces.  So I went.  And I walked in at the same time as another gentleman and we ended up sitting together.  I got up and introduced myself to the other dozen or so people there and came back to sit down and visit with Bear.  A real outdoorsman - not in a hunting way, but in a hiking, climbing (ice and mountain) and biking way.  Oh, and a phototaker, as well.  Some amazing landscape pics.  Thanks to smart phones, one can make their portfolio completely portable.  Anyway, interesting, interesting man.  I rather fumbled the end-of-evening by not giving him my social card but he did say that he hoped to see me again and I said that I did too.  I got a nice email message from him later on in the evening (through the group), so we'll see.  Or not.  The interaction made for a great evening.

This week promises to be another busy one, as it will be a short one for me.  I'm taking at least a half day Friday to start to travel down to the Hill Country for the third annual "start of the cycling season" ride.  Always a fun time!

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Just smile, dammit, give off positive energy and see what happens.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Guilty As Charged, but Avow to do Much, Much Better

This.  We must stop it.

A Post About Body Image, Worth, and Aging

I thought this was very moving and powerful.  What say you?

I'm headed out to Nashville this weekend for a work conference and I'll be five days in Thunderdome - The Gaylord.  It's a beautiful place and I'm fortunate for having seen it, but I've been there so many times now that it feels pretty darned confining.  Plus, Avoiding.Conference.Snacks - that's tough.  I haven't quite figured out how to manage all of this at this time, as I'm back on the straight-and-narrow regarding my food choices.  I think I'll take some Quest bars for my afternoon snack.  They do a great job of filling me up.  Actually the one bar I've found that really can serve as a meal substitute - not that I like doing that - but sometimes it's the best option.  Now, if I can keep from eating them all in one day!  With all the fiber they contain, that may be enough!  It reminds me of that old joke about castor oil being the best cough syrup....wait for it....afraid to cough.

Did another meetup activity last night - group painting - my masterpiece is still in the trunk of my car, where it will probably stay!  But the meeting and greeting was good practice.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Decide, then do.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Let's Play Dress Up!

Well, now that was an experience!  I attended a large celtic festival yesterday and had a fabulous time.  I'm one of those people who likes the pipes.  Bagpipes are like cilantro - people tend to love 'em or hate 'em and I'm in the love 'em camp.  So I was excited about the possibility of hearing a day long concert with many, many different groups.  What I didn't expect to be excited about was walking around the the backlot of Outlander!  Turns out, I am fond of a man in uniform.  And while I was not costumed up in any way - my beloved subtle paisley, ten year old, ever-so-slightly Victorian styled coat when coupled with an au courant pair of over-the-knee boots (a combo I wear quite often) - received quite a few very positive comments.

I was going to attend by myself but ended up signing up to go with a meetup group, so I went with five other people.  Very nice folks and I look forward to hanging out some more with them.   All in all, an unexpectedly wonderful day.  Exceeded any expectation I might have had.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Fly your flag.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Slurpies From Heaven

The weather is the big story around here.  We've had snow and ice and snow and ice.  Last Friday's weather, however, kinda snuck up on everyone.  It got bad in a hurry.  People had hours-long commutes - stuck in gridlocked traffic for hours.  I had a bit of an adventure in getting home.  The office closed early but I stayed behind a bit to finish up a project I wanted to get out in front of the students on the snow day.  Little did I know (or think about) that the shuttles stop when the office closes.  So I had to make the trek all the way to my car on foot in the snowfall.  I also needed to go to the store and lay in supplies, but after seeing how slick it was, I just stopped at the convenience store on my pedestrian trip to get to my car.  I managed to sneak around the back way home and avoid most of the back ups.  Whew!  I only encounter four idiots on my way home!

Weather so bad here that the big races got cancelled - all but the half, at least broadcast.  Lots of disappointed people - but safety first.  We are just now getting above freezing.  It's an accident waiting to happen out there.  

I did manage to make myself a snow treat - a modified version of snow ice cream.  I had some almond milk left over from my guest (I'd never had it - it's really good), added a pinch of vanilla and a bowlful of snow.  Oh, and an hooch-soaked cherry on top.  Fun stuff.

The picture of my last week's ice project.  It's actually chocolate brown and white paisley - and I decided it needed  turquoise trim.  I'm happy with the way it turned out.  It's the first garment I've sewn in ages.  Now it just needs to warm up so that I can wear it.

And in the Homer-Simpson-doh-department, since my bluray player went back home with the kids when they took their tv, I though I'd lost my ability to stream music.  Never occurred to me to just stream it through my laptop.  Where did I put that abacus?  So this morning I've been jamming to the very unhip Hall & Oats station and going through all my files, sorting and filing, and pulling paperwork.  Go me!  And of course, getting my stuff ready for taxes.

Take good care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Make your dreams come true.


Saturday, February 21, 2015


We have lost all radio contact, Professor Plum and me.  Nothing for more than a week.  Oh well.  Nothing to do with me.

My company was interesting and enlightening.  I can see how we became friends back in the day and I can see that if we met now, it would never happen.  I am not the same person that I was thirty years ago and I want more from my friendships these days.  So I've now tried the geographic fix for this friendship (my turf) and that didn't work for me either.  It's time to just let it move into a different category and just let it be what it is.  After this boundary-busting experience, I don't see myself inviting her back here and I, for sure, won't be going there.  And neutral ground is out, too.  I am just unwilling to play the role I used to play.  The fumes from thirty plus years ago just aren't enough to fuel a close friendship anymore.  I'm calling it progress.

Take good care of yourself be kind to others.  Be kind to others.  Kind, but firm.